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How to Customize Championship Rings

Custom championship rings are like custom furniture—you feel proud, as you know that there is no one else in the world with a similar unit. Are you thinking about getting a custom championship ring but aren’t sure how to go about it? Here is how to do it:

Choose your desired ring

This is the first thing to do. You need to choose your desired ring in terms of type, style, and characteristics. This calls for you to see a wide range of rings to decide.

Championship rings are grouped into different categories such as sport, team, league, and athlete.

When it comes to sports, championship rings are given to many sports teams such as: hockey, baseball, soccer, basketball, football, wrestling, and many others.

While many sports award championship rings to their players, some leagues such as MLB, NBA, NFL, NCAA are more popular, so their rings are more recognizable and easy to find.

It’s up to you to settle on the ring you want depending on your tastes regarding the ring style, type, and characteristics.

Choose the metal type and top.

Whether you have settled on a Los Angeles Lakers pendant or any ring, it doesn’t mean that it should look like any other pendant in the market—it should be unique. After all, this is the reason you are going for a custom ring, right?

Your choice of metal depends on the manufacturer you choose. For the ring to look good for long and last for a long time, you should work with a manufacturer using real precious metals such as silver, gold, and others.

When it comes to the top, different manufacturers have different options. Some of the most popular being:

Durilium: Durilium is one of the finest non-precious metals ever developed. The metal has a rich platinum-white silver finish, resists scratches, won’t tarnish, and is highly durable.

Gold durilium: Most manufacturers will apply this yellow gold coating to the precious metal to give a yellow gold polish that is strong and durable.

Obsidian: This is a diamond-like black coating that creates a rich, high definition polish look

10k Gold: Gold is an extremely strong and durable metal. 10k Gold is 41.6% pure gold, so you are sure that your ring will be precious.

You should choose both the metal and top you want and let the manufacturer know about it. Of course, some metals and top will be more expensive than others depending on their quality.

Choose your color

Finally, you should choose your desired color. This can be your favorite color or the color of your team.

Parting shot

Custom championship rings are beautiful, elegant, and personal, but they require time, dedication, and hard work.

The ring’s outcome is heavily determined by the manufacturer you work with, so ensure that you work with a reputable manufacturer that knows what they are doing. The last thing you want is to spend an arm and a leg on a custom ring only to receive a pendant that you aren’t proud of and can’t wear.

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