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How to Build a Shopping Cart in WordPress

To build a shopping cart, you’ll need to create classes to create a list of orders. You’ll also need to set a maximum number of orders that can be stored in the list. Ultimately, you’ll want to set a maximum number of items in the list. Then, you’ll have to create a view to display these items. Here are a few examples of classes that you can use to create a shopping cart:

ESP Inspire

Build a shopping cart and start accepting online orders to expand your local customer reach while attracting a larger customer base with online shopping beyond your neighborhood.

All of our standard shopping carts come with many flexible features that you can customize through the back office functions. However, if you need additional customization, we have knowledgeable and experienced developers ready to help.

Our pre-built shopping cart solutions are easy to set up so you can start to sell your services and products online quickly. We will custom design your Shopping Cart with your logo and colors to match your website and link it to your website, shipping carriers and payment gateways. Our monthly fee includes hosting on secure servers that are regularly backed up with Advanced SSL security in place. Our user-friendly Content Management System allows you to add, delete, and make changes to your products, images, promotions and pricing at any time.


Unlike most ecommerce platforms, Builderfly offers a 100% free online store builder. While most ecommerce platforms allow you to use their shopping cart builder for a limited number of days for free, Builderfly has no such limitations. This highly customizable online builder is also free, and offers an ecommerce app for iOS and Android. Native mobile applications are more secure and efficient than their browser-based counterparts.

If you’re unsure what to expect with ecommerce, don’t worry! Builderfly has made launching an online store easy and fast. It hosts your ecommerce store on a cloud-based server, meaning you don’t have to worry about any pre-requisites. And with a variety of customizable features, you’ll have an online store up and running in minutes! This is the perfect choice for small business owners who want to sell their products online but don’t want to spend a lot of money.

Zoey Commerce

The feature set for Zoey is extensive. The shopping cart allows you to select attributes that vary for different items. Customers can buy multiple items from different vendors and Zoey will automatically split the order for each vendor. You can even choose to split orders based on a single item or backordered items. You can manage your orders from anywhere, even while offline. Lastly, Zoey integrates with other tools such as ShipStation and Finale to make order processing easier for you.

Although most checkout platforms host checkout on their own servers, Zoey lets you host your checkout on your own domain. This means that your site’s checkout is completely secure. You don’t have to worry about security issues, which many other ecommerce platforms require you to pay for. Zoey’s in-house tech support is available from 9am to 6pm Eastern Time Monday through Friday. And you can always upgrade your functionality when your business grows.


If you’re looking for a shopping cart builder, look no further than ShopSite. This scalable eCommerce platform offers powerful tools for creating an online store. ShopSite Pro lets visitors register as users and keeps track of their shipping preferences and payment preferences. It can even send out coupons to a selected user group. It can import thousands of products from an existing product database, making it easy to get started with your online store. It also offers a comprehensive system for controlling product reviews.

Once you have set up your store’s settings, you can add additional product pages. You can also customize the theme and layout of your products, as well as set the payment method. To publish your store, click the Publish button. Afterward, you can start selling! Once you’ve created a store, you can choose payment methods and tax rates. You can even add a separate store for your products to sell them in.


With more than 5000 eCommerce features, Sellacious is the perfect solution for any e-commerce site. It helps merchants accept payments, calculate taxes, and manage discounts. It also offers features that boost the sale, like wishlist baskets, customer reviews, and tax rules. Its multivendor feature allows you to add multiple vendors and create different roles for each. You can create multiple stores with different storefronts and use Sellacious as a base for all of them.

It’s free and has more than 5000 eCommerce features, including a shipping module. Users can even set shipping prices based on commission rules. If you want to offer free shipping to certain user groups, you can do so using the platform. Sellacious has been praised by vendors for its user-friendly interface. Vendors also love its unlimited categories and uploads. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about server downtime.



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