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How Much Does It Cost to Hire an iOS App Developer

There cannot be a straightforward answer to the question of how much does iOS app development cost. The cost to hire an iOS app developer differs by many factors. Every IT company or IT service provider charges according to their set standards. Therefore, it is a little tough to determine the exact amount of money you will have to spend on your iPhone or iPad app development services.

Although, there are some factors that strongly affect the cost of iOS app development. Considering those factors will help you set the bar for your budget. This blog post features those pointers to help you have a lump sum idea of your iOS app development cost.

Factors that affect the cost of iOS App Development

Skills and Qualification

The college your potential iOS developer goes to and the set of skills they possess can vastly affect the cost of your iPhone and iPad app development services. Developers with a rich skill set in iOS development may charge more than others.

Although, some skills like UI/UX designing go along with development and add extra to the app development cost. But if you intend to hire an iOS app developer who carries out full-stack development services, be ready to spend higher bucks.


The years of experience working in the app development sector will also affect the cost of iOS mobile application development. And this goes without saying, though. The more experienced the developer is, the higher their charges will be.

So, as per this, entry-level developers will charge less than mid-level or senior-level iOS app developers. And as experience is directly proportional to skills the developer possesses, you want to assess how complex your requirements are and hire an iOS app developer accordingly.


With experience and skills, location can also determine the app development charges. Because the standard and cost of living vary from country to country, development costs can fluctuate based on how developed or developing countries you hire the developer from are.

Your app development cost can be high when you hire an iOS developer from the US, Canada, Australia, or European countries. Whereas, Most African and Asian developers charge relatively low. But the quality may not always be the same as the developers from developed countries.

Among all the Asian countries, India’s IT service can match the standards and quality of Europe. So if you are tight on budget but do not want to compromise on quality, India can be the right option for you.


Your feature requirements and the complexity of the features you want to have in your iOS application can also affect the cost of your iPad or iPhone app development service.

More advanced features like Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Augmented Reality, and baking-related apps are hard to build and require specialised development skills. Thus, if you want to develop apps with these advanced features, you will need to widen your budget.

Type of Applications

The cost of iOS app development, to large extent, depends on the type and category of the application also. There are various types of applications, varying from simple non-complicated to-do list types to complex, cutting-edge technology featured eCommerce types.

Each type has its own functionalities, user-base, and security criteria. And that is why, the iOS app development expenses can vastly vary according to how much time and workforce different types of applications take to develop.

Startups, Organisations, or Freelancers

The development cost also relies on an iOS app developer you choose to build your app. You will spend less money when you hire a freelancer or a startup company for your iPhone or iPad development services. Because they will be more focused on building their portfolio rather than making money.

On the other hand, established IT firms will charge more for their iOS app development services. Although, the development quality will significantly vary if you choose a large organisation, as they will provide advanced tech-stacks that freelancers may not be able to provide.

And finally

The cost of iOS app development might be one of the vital points for you. But do not hire an iOS developer solely based on the expense. Instead, focus more on the quality of the service. And for that, you want to hire the best mobile app development company that offers comprehensive app development solutions.

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