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How many kids does CJ So Cool have?

Who is CJ So Cool?

Cordero James Brady is an American YouTuber who used to upload reactions to popular viral videos, try not to laugh, prank videos, and other videos, occasionally with his brother, Jinx, and his girlfriend, Royalty. His main channel is CJ SO COOL, but he also has an older channel called CoolBrady. He used to be friends with Shane Dawson, but they had a falling out in 2016. He currently has over 2 million subscribers on his main channel, and over half a million on his second channel.

How many kids does CJ So Cool have?

CJ So Cool has six children, one with his girlfriend, Royalty, and five from previous relationships. He also has two stepchildren. CJ So Cool has one younger brother, Jinx and two younger sisters, Miley and Ava.

CJ So Cool is currently dating Royalty, who he has been with for over three years. They have had many videos together showing their love for each other. His weighs about 180 pounds. He also used to be around 300 pounds, but then he started working out and lost weight. His real name is Cordero James Brady, but in some of his earlier videos he said his name was Corey Longsleeve Brady, or C

Early Life

Cordero James Brady was born on April 2, 1997, in San Diego, California. Cordero James Brady has a younger brother named Jinx, and a younger sister named Bella. CJ So Cool also has an older sister named Arianna who does not do YouTube or social media.

Cordero James Bradyattended San Dieguito High School for his freshman year of high school and then transferred to Canyons High School for the rest of his high school career.

Cordero James Brady Career

He started using YouTube in late 2008 when he was about 10 years old and started posting videos about whatever was going on in his life at the time, like playing video games and other random things. Then he started doing reaction videos to popular videos that were going around the internet like “The Fox” and “Double Rainbow”, which were both uploaded in 2009.

His reaction to “The Fox” became one of his most popular videos, getting over 1.1 million views in a matter of days. He then started doing videos about his life, like a day in the life of CJ and things like that. He also started doing prank videos, which he is most known for. His channel grew steadily until 2013 when he got into a fight with Shane Dawson on Twitter, which led to him deleting his main channel and starting over with a new channel called CoolBrady. The name was based off his middle name Brady and the character from the show “How I Met Your Mother”, Barney Stinson’s last name, Stinson.

His new channel was slow to start out and it wasn’t until 2014 when he started getting more popular with videos like “Do Not Read This” and “The Brady Bunch Cast Reunites”, which is his most viewed video of all time with over 15 million views. He also did a lot of collaborations with other YouTubers like Shane Dawson, Sam Pepper, and Joey Graceffa.


In 2015 he started doing a series called “Vlog Squad” where he would travel around the world to different countries with his friends. He has done multiple vlog squad videos since then, usually going to different countries each time. In 2016 he started doing a series called “Brady’s Backyard Safari”, where he would go camping with his friends in their backyard. Since then he has done multiple episodes of that series as well as vlog squad videos in 2017.

How does CJ So Cool make his money?

CJ So Cool has made over $1 million from his YouTube channel. But how does he make money from YouTube?

CJ So Cool makes money from YouTube through AdSense, a program that allows creators to get paid for displaying ads on their videos. Amount of ads displayed on videos is determined by the creator and can be set to show ads before, during or after the video. AdSense pays out based on the number of views a video gets.

As of April 2018, CJ So Cool has over 2 million subscribers.

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