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How Many Injections Are Compulsory in IVF Treatment?

In vitro fertilization is a medical procedure in which the female’s egg and male’s sperm are fertilized outside the body, maybe in a test tube or somewhere else. Then the fertilized egg is then inserted in the uterus of that female for the embryo to grow. There are IVF courses in India that deal with the situation of women who have a problem with their uterus or women who have a risk related to their pregnancy. Those females opt for in vitro fertilization to have a baby. Some women even choose this who has gone through several miscarriages.

Why Does IVF Require Injections?

In IVF treatment there are many processes. And the very essential part of the process is injections. There are various injections that are applied while this treatment is under process for better growth and development of the baby. Injections are given for various reasons and it depends on the situation.

  • The first injection is given to the woman so that multiple eggs can be produced when the ovaries will stimulate. This procedure is essential because when this is done effectively, it gives effective results and the chances of fertilization increase which in the end increases the chances of pregnancy as well. This is injected once a day and on the second or third day of the period, the process starts.
  • The second injection is given to the female so it can hit ovulation. It is the process of fertilization where the ovary releases matured eggs. Thirty-six hours before the retrieval of the egg, this injection is given. This helps the transfer of embryos so that the IVF process can be successfully done.
  • The third injection is given to the female so that the lining of her uterus can become thin. It prevents the problem of implantation which automatically helps in having an effective pregnancy.

Number of Injections Required in the IVF Procedure

Injections are required for every patient involved in IVF treatment. But the thing is that each patient is different from the others. So the medications and the dosage is given as per their body’s requirement.

Generally, at the time of the stimulation phase of the IVF treatment, most of the patients need 1-2 injections each particular day. Also, before the egg retrieval process and also before the transfer of the embryo, the patient requires one injection each to complete the process successfully.

But the requirement of injection is just a part of the IVF process. It is always necessary to analyze each person individually because each patient’s case is different. Some require more attention and some are good to go with normal guidance.

Side Effects of IVF Injection

Every individual has a different body and every injection reacts differently. But some common side effects are caused due to IVF injection. Patients may have mood swings, headaches, a bit of nausea, tenderness in breasts, bloating, and many more. If the patient feels any of these side effects or any change in their body then they must consult their doctors. Doctors might change the dosage.


IVF Treatment depends from person to person. Each treatment plan is different from the others. After the second or third day of the menstrual cycle, the first injection is given to the patient and then the second and third injection is scheduled accordingly by analyzing the retrieval of the egg and the process of transfer of an embryo. It is very important to keep a follow-up for the IVF treatment. Any missing out on injection is not at all appreciated. It affects the health of the baby as well as the patient. So it’s obvious to take the injections as prescribed.

There are IVF training courses in India that train their students to deal with the patient going through the IVF process. It gets difficult for every woman to know if she cannot get pregnant. But the IVF process is one solution that can make you a mother and can give you a family as well.

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