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How far in advance should you hire a moving company?

This is very important to book an appointment with the moving agency you intend to hire for your move.

This appointment allows the company to assess the volume and weight of the items to be moved. The company can then design a budget that takes into consideration the logistical and technical resources it will need to complete the task.

How far in advance should you contact a Residential Moving firm In Shannonville to ensure their availability? This is what we will tell you.


Factors that affect the availability of a mover company

There are many factors that affect the availability of a moving company. But the most important factors are the month and week it is performed.

1.- The year

September may be the most popular month for our removal services, closely followed by December.

Summer is a time when the number of vacant flats rented out by students increases, which in turn makes real estate more attractive. During these months, activity decreases until the summer holidays, when it returns to active.

Students and others often look for housing at this time. They may either close the rental or purchase a new home in September or October. This is why many moves are concentrated at this time of the year, which must be considered when hiring a company.


2.- Time in the month

As you can see, many more removals take place at the end because it is common to move out of a house at that time in order to begin the next month at the new home.

It is crucial that you contact a moving company immediately if your intention is to move out of your current residence at the end of the month.


3.- Day off

On weekends, Fridays and Saturdays are more popular for moving companies. This is because most people arrange themselves to move their home.

Even if you only have one or two days off work for the move, it’s normal to combine it with the weekend so that you have more time.

Our tips for a moving company

If you want to plan your move efficiently, avoid any availability issues with the company, and plan ahead, contact at least 3-4 weeks before the date that you intend to move.

You can have more confidence in your ability to arrange for the removals company to move to your address. It is also easier to determine how the logistics will be handled. And what transport tools do you need to make the move go smoothly.

Don’t forget to mention that moving from one area or another. Where there are restrictions on access or loading or unloading permits may take a few days. Therefore, it is better to contact the removal company as soon as possible.

You can reach us if you have any moving insights, even if the dates have not been closed. We can help you plan and organize your move so it fits into your schedule.

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