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How Do I Download Instagram Photos and Videos By Using KeepPost For Free?

Using KeepPost For Free is quite simple. It is one of the perfect tools that we can use to download Instagram photos and videos. Saving Instagram media to devices is thorny if do not have tools like KeepPost For Free. KeepPost is a third-party tool. It is completely a web-based tool that you do not have to download on your device. However, the tool can download any Instagram media format and perfectly convert them into respective file formats that the device can read. The entire service is absolutely free. The KeepPost web page is user-friendly. Anyone can just open KeepPost For Free and download photos and videos within a couple of minutes.

keeppost for free download

What’s more about KeepPost For Free?

This is about an amazing tool called KeepPost For Free. People can use the tool whenever they wish to save photographs or videos clips from Instagram. We all know the very simple thing Instagram does not have a download option. But nowadays, saving media from Instagram is not complex at all thanks to many third-party tools like KeepPost that are available on the web. Thus, KeepPost For Free is one of those that you can easily capture. Moreover, KeepPost can use only as an Instagram downloader.

The KeepPost Download can download any file that the user suggests by using the very own link of the Instagram post. For that, the user has to visit KeepPost For Free page and submit the relevant URL. The tool interface is simple that can use by both experts and newbies. Although downloading Instagram photos or videos are not permissible, using KeepPost For Free is not illegal. It helps users to download any publicized media on Instagram within a few clicks.

Instant facts about KeepPost for free download

  • KeepPost For Free can use by using a smartphone or PC. The operating system of the device is not a barrier at all
  • It is a web-based tool and can open using any web browser like Safari, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera, or whatever. For the same reason, the tool does not need to install on devices
  • KeepPost is totally free and safe
  • It converts formats of photographs and videos when saving to devices
  • The tool is quite simple and got a plain user interface
  • It downloads any media file that shared on Instagram

 How to download Instagram photos and videos using KeepPost for free?

  • Go to your Instagram account by launching the app
  • And then go to the post that you wish to download
  • Open the options list by clicking on the three dots on your top right corner
  • Select the relevant option and copy the post URL
  • And then go to the web browser and search KeepPost For Free web page
  • Go to the web page and paste the copied link of the post
  • Click the “Download Now” button in blue
  • The process will begin and show you a preview of the link that entered
  • Check the preview and click the “Download” button to continue the process
  • This will take a few minutes to save media to the device. Patiently wait for KeepPost For Free and collect the photo or video


The process of Download KeepPost For Free will be successful if your device is connected with a stable internet connection and have enough space to save files. If you get to know that the preview of the photograph or the video is not what you wish to download, no need to worry. Just close it and start from the very first step of copying the correct URL.

Here is a tip to find out old Instagram posts easily. Enter hashtags that are related to the post in the searching bar. All related posts will list there right away. Moreover, you have to make sure that the photo or the video you are trying to download is a public post for KeepPost For Free to easily deal with.

Final words

KeepPost For Free is a simple Instagram downloader. It is an online tool that can open using any web browser. KeepPost can help you to download whatsoever media you wanted to save on your handset for absolutely free. And it converts file formats during its process. So the device can easily read and display them properly. Anyhow, KeepPost For Free is not a sponsored or association of Instagram. It is fully owned by a third-party developer.

Simply use your web browser to open KeepPost For Free. Once the tool is there, copy the link to the Instagram photo or video and click the download button. The file will save to the device within the next couple of minutes. 


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