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How can the Opencart Automatic Related Products Extension be customized?

Admins can use Knowband’s Opencart Automatic Related Products Extension to cross-sell products on their websites. In addition, increase sales and enhance the client shopping experience. Further, they can use this to show items on different pages of the website. For instance, the homepage, product pages, category pages, and so on. In fact, the owner can adjust the location of the related goods block as per the need.

The admin can show goods in the related products area in a variety of ways. On the Front end, the admin can create desired criteria for the product pages, cart page, and order confirmation pages, such as keywords or characteristics, to show products on the product page, cart page, and order confirmation page. The shop owner can also set a restriction on the total of goods on the front end.

What value does the OpenCart Automatic Related Product extension provide to shop owners?

  1. Motivates shoppers to add more items to their shopping basket
  2. The OpenCart related products module aids in the development of potential sales. Further, when customers can see comparable alternatives, they can make better decisions.
  3. The OpenCart similar products extension allows shop owners to highlight relevant goods. Therefore, it helps in increasing revenues and making customers happier at the store.
  4. The OpenCart related products plugin enables the administrator to place the Related Products block in the most appropriate spot on the site. Further, this happens so that it catches the customer’s attention. Moreover, where customers can see the item readily.
  5. Many circumstances are available to display comparable items in a more proper manner.

Now, let us focus on the different settings that are available in the backend of the OpenCart related products extension.

The OpenCart advance related product extension settings

The settings of OpenCart alike product module are divided into two major parts – General and other Page(s) settings. In fact, the first is the Basic settings which have the options of enabling the functionality, displaying the available products only, Show price with tax included, Custom SS, and Custom JS. Furthermore, let us look at the other page’s settings in the backend.

Various Page Settings

  • Enable/Disable 

The shop administrator can alter the Home Page settings. The administrator has the option of enabling or disabling the function. The admin can then decide whether the Related Products section on the Page should be shown or hidden.

  • Title of the Block:

With this OpenCart related products plugin’s configuration, the admin can change the title of the Related Products block on the front end.

  • Display the Home block title on the front end:

Using this set of the OpenCart-like product module, the admin can choose to show or conceal the Block Title on the front end.

  • Columns to display:

The Related Products block can be placed in any column on the page. It might be at the very top of the material, on the left or right side of the column, or even at the very bottom.

  • Choose a position location:

The shop admin can set the position of similar items using this parameter of the OpenCart advance related product extension. The Related Products block can be placed at the top, below the slideshow, below the highlighted items, and below the carousel.

  • Methods to consider for displaying the products:

On the front end, the shop administrator can choose which ways to present. This setup also includes top-visited items, bestsellers, new products, user history products, and specialized products.

  • Selecting specific products:

Using this set of the OpenCart product cross-selling module, the store admin can enter the names of chosen goods that he or she wishes to show in the Related Products area.

  • The maximum number of products that can be shown is:

The maximum number of related goods that can be shown is determined by the shop administrator. In addition, the administrator can prioritize the methods. If the higher priority method fails, the OpenCart Automatic Related Products extension will show the product from the lower priority method.


Therefore, with the Knowband OpenCart Automatic Related Products Extension, eCommerce companies can effortlessly encourage consumers to boost their cart value. Further, the Related Products block presents on the front end. As a consequence, related goods are displayed on website pages. For instance, the Product Page, the Home Page, the Cart Page, the Manufacturer Page, and others.

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