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How Basic And Applied Research Differ From Each Other?

In research, you have to select a particular methodology which can help you generate precise results. With the help of methodology, you can make a detailed plan which can make things easy to go. For example, basic and applied research are two approaches with particular aims, and you can find relevant objectives of the study by using them. These methodologies have various places of divergence; thus, it is important for every researcher to comprehend them well. This article aims to discuss the differences between basic and applied research in detail.

What is Basic Research?

Basic research is also known as fundamental research, which is based on a theoretical strategy. Every research study aims to perform a particular task. In the case of basic research, the aim is to evaluate the already performed tasks and find ways to make improvements to them. Throughout the basic research, there is always a curiosity which investigates the in-sights of a selected topic of discussion. This research not only helps you identify the problem but also focuses on the reason behind any particular happening. Therefore, it is common to observe the use of the following words in its statement:

  • How
  • What
  • Why

In this way, you can better define the whole process and key elements linked with research work. Also, it is common to observe that basic research is used before applied, with the aim of making a strong foundation. It emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge and is motivated mostly by the desire to discover uncharted. This type of research is often referred as pure research.

What is Applied Research?

An investigation known as applied research looks for workable solutions to existing problems. Challenges in the economy, academia, and society can be among them. This kind of research gathers further data about a subject of study through empirical approaches, including experiments. After the completion of a study, its findings are usually applied and put into practice. It is a research strategy for enhancing human welfare by using natural sciences in everyday situations.

Applied methodology has the following types:

Evaluation Research

Evaluation research aims to arrive at accurate conclusions or make well-informed decisions by analyzing the facts already available about a study topic. This kind of applied research is typically used in commercial settings. For example, a company might use evaluation research to figure out how to reduce overhead expenditures. Some well reputed institutes also use evaluation research to analyze the existing data and draw valid inferences for making informed decisions.

Action Research

Action research is a subtype of applied research that advises the business on practically solving particular challenges. It is typically a critical inquiry approach that is situational and restricted to particular circumstances. Similarly, governments and non-governmental organizations also use action research to devise solutions for a context-specific issues.

Research and Development

The goal of research and development is to create new goods and services in accordance with current market trends. Businesses employ this strategy to comprehend emerging market trends and create their products in line with consumer wants and aspirations or to enhance already-existing ones. Governments also conduct research and development and have separate departments that seek to research complex issues affecting society and devise appropriate solutions.

How Can You Differentiate Basic and Applied Research?

Before working on basic and applied methodologies you must understand the difference between them. Applied research is mostly follow-up research on basic research because it explores the results of basic or fundamental research to validate these discoveries and use them to develop original answers to particular issue. The detailed information regarding their differences can help you find the best end results of the study. So, let discuss some key differences between both research studies:

Purpose of Research

You can differentiate basic and applied methodologies based on the purpose, which makes a ground basis for them. The purpose of basic research is highly different from applied one. Basic research is more inclined towards the exploration of knowledge. Basic research is one of the best ways to learn about a subject or particular natural occurrence, mainly in the natural sciences. Also, basic research aims to validate the hypothesis for study as well as principles. While, applied research is focused on finding solutions.

Scope of Study

Basic research has universal applicability and a broader scope than applied research. Applied research has a specific scope and is applicable to devising solutions for any specific problem. Also, applied study has a specific utility as compared to basic research.

Contribution in Research

Both studies have different contributions to research. The basic research contributes by making effective predictions based on the existing knowledge, while the other contributes by making discoveries. Researchers perform basic research out of curiosity, and they aim to address any knowledge gaps that may exist. This kind of study aims to increase knowledge and form hypotheses. The goal of applied research is to learn new facts. When basic research gives applied study a solid understanding to build on, the two frequently intersect.

Nature of Research

The nature of research is another difference which creates boundaries between the selected studies. The basic research is theoretical in nature, and you would not find any practical work in it. Every aspect of research is descriptive, and you can develop descriptive answers for selected problems. In contrast, applied research revolves around the practical performance for finding a defined and accurate solution. In order to reach at the point of practical performance, you need to find the track for it. Basic research includes only theoretical work so that you also can ask an expert working at a service named as PhD dissertation help for assistance.

Concluding Lines

The above-mentioned points can help you determine the main differences between basic and applied research. Also, you can learn the use of both methodologies separately as well as collectively. Collective use refers to the use of the applied methodology in a research work which has already used basic methodology. As the applied methodology is systematic, so it can better use the results obtained through basic research.

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