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Heaviness in the stomach and heartburn due to overeating?

Do these 3 yoga asanas

After overeating, there is often a problem of heaviness in the stomach and heartburn. Along with this, some people also get acidity and indigestion.

Many times, you end up eating more food when you have your favorite dish made at home or order your favorite food in a restaurant. After overeating, there is often a problem of heaviness in the stomach and heartburn. Along with this, some people also get acidity and indigestion. If you too often struggle with these problems, then do not worry. The problem of heaviness in the stomach and burning sensation in the chest can be cured by yoga asana in 5 minutes. Let us tell you 3 such yoga asanas, which give you relief from these problems in a pinch.

Malasana in Heaviness:

You often feel heaviness after overeating. Due to this, your food is not digested properly, so you feel sluggish and tired. In such a situation, if you practice Malasana for 5 minutes, then you will get instant relief from this problem. This asana is also beneficial for those people who always have problems with constipation and gas. Let us tell you how to do Malasana.

How to do Malasana:

  • To do Malasana, first, bend your knees and sit in the state of defecation.
  • And after sitting, place the armpits of both your hands on both knees.
  • And now join the palms of both hands and make Namaskar Mudra.
  • Then now slowly inhale and exhale, you have to sit in this position for some time.
  • And now slowly open your hands and stand back up.

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This asana is very beneficial for the abdomen. This yoga is beneficial in gastric, and stomach upset. It is also a very beneficial asana for increased belly fat. Through the action of this yoga, the polluted air from the body is released from the body.

How to do Pawanmuktasana:

To do this asana, lie down on your back by laying a mat on the ground. Then take a breath. Now bend any one leg from the knee, join the fingers of both hands together and hold the knees bent by it and put them on the stomach. Then lift the head up and place the nose on the bent knees. And then keep the other leg straight on the ground. During this action, hold your breath and keep the Kumbhak on. Exhale only after keeping the head and bent leg on the ground as before. Perform this action by turning both legs alternately. This asana can be done by folding both legs together.


The continuous practice of Bhujangasana does not cause gas, constipation, etc. in the stomach. Aside from this, problems related to the neck, shoulders, and spine are also relieved by this asana. Bhujang means snake, that is, in this yoga asana, your shape becomes like a snake.

How to do Bhujangasana:

To do this asana, first, lie down on the stomach with the mouth facing down and then leave the body completely loose. Then, place the palms above the ground at the place between the shoulders and elbows and slowly raise the part from the navel to the front like a snake’s hood. Now keep the toes pulled back so that the fingers touch the ground. Stay in this position for some time and do it at least four times.

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