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Get Rid of the QuickBooks Error 404 with Effective Fixes

QuickBooks is one of the prevalent accounting software that’s utilized by millions of people worldwide for various accounting and bookkeeping tasks. However, the software also throws quite many errors from time to time. QuickBooks error 404 is an update error that displays a message that says that QuickBooks could not complete the update. Note that QB runtime errors are also called update errors, but they are not the same as error 404. In this article, you’ll find what this error is in detail, its various causes, and the troubleshooting measures you can implement to fix it.

What Does QuickBooks Error 404 Mean?

QB error 404 is an error that happens when the user is installing the QuickBooks desktop. You can notice it in the improper startup or shutdown of Windows. It is a run time error displayed as ‘QuickBooks error 404 page not found,’ ‘service messages error,’ or ‘QB runtime errors 404.’

  • This error can also result from the QuickBooks software not being able to sync with the server of Intuit or not being able to complete an update. Some other alerts that you can see for error 404 are as follows:
  • QuickBooks update error #404
  • Intuit error 404
  • Error 404 QuickBooks update

What Causes the QuickBooks Error 404?

QuickBooks update error 404 can be the outcome of several causes. They are given below.

  • Installation or program updates can result in the deletion of QB-related files. It may cause you to find this error.
  • A virus or malware-infected system leading to a corrupted Windows file is a reason for this error code. 
  • Corrupt Windows registry because of changes like uninstallation or installation of QB.
  • Incomplete installation or download of QB. 
  • Incomplete updates can also lead to this error.
  • When the QB application cannot read the components, you’ll notice this error.

The error code 404 can appear in various versions of the Windows operating system. You can find it appearing on:

  • Windows ME
  • Windows 2000
  • Microsoft Windows XP
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Vista
  • Microsoft Windows 8
  • Windows 7

Signs That Can Help You Detect Error 404 in QuickBooks

This specific error is not much different from the other update errors in QuickBooks. When it appears, you’ll notice several signs that will allow you to identify it. You can find the following.

  • The web pages you want to open cannot be accessed on your server.
  • You will find the URL you want to open being banned for some unknown reason.
  • The error code continuously crashes the program window.
  • Your system will be slowed down by QB error 404.
  • You’ll notice a message box in which this error code appears.

Resolutions for Error 404 in QuickBooks

To successfully resolve QuickBooks update error 404, you need to try all the fixes explained in this article. Carefully adhere to the instructions to get the best result.

1. Reconfigure the system settings

When faced with this QB error, reconfiguring the system settings is one of the first things you can do. Keep reading to find the steps for doing so.

  • Launch QB and the company files. 
  • Begin the procedure where you earlier saw the error. 
  • Sign out from the company file and opt to close QuickBooks later. 
  • Now, update the Windows and reboot your system.
  • Next, go to Internet Explorer and choose the ‘Tools’ menu.
  • Tap on ‘Internet Options.’
  • Now, choose the ‘Advanced‘ tab and ‘Browse’ in the pane of settings.
  • Exit every program and save the information.
  • Hit Windows + R keys and input ‘MSConfig.’ Now, press ‘OK.’
  • On the system configuration screen, select ‘General.’
  • Go to ‘Startup Selection‘ and select ‘Selective Startup.’ Then tap ‘OK.’
  • Finish the process by rebooting your system. 

2. Verify your internet speed

A poor internet speed can also result in this error. So it’s essential to verify the internet speed. You can do it by carrying the steps here.

  • Go to the Internet Explorer. Open a website that you access frequently. 
  • After that, if you find a problem with opening the URL, refresh the settings and try to open the website again.
  • If you find the message that says ‘Page can’t be displayed‘ switch off your wireless router. Switch it back again and open the website URL once more. 
  • Proceeding forward, reboot your system and try accessing the site.
  • Set your Internet Explorer as a default browser.
  • If you still find the issue persisting, the best course of action is to connect with your internet service provider.

3. Modify the internet settings

It is another popular way of handling the QuickBooks update error 404. Navigate to Internet Explorer and follow the steps below.

  • Select ‘Tools and Internet Options.’
  • Tap on the ‘Security‘ tab and go to the ‘Trusted Sites.’
  • Add ‘.quickbooks.com’ and ‘intuit.com’ as trusted websites. 
  • Choose ‘Close‘ and press ‘OK.’
  • Sign out from the company file and exit QuickBooks. 
  • Open QuickBooks again with the company file and repeat the procedure where the error occurred. 

4. Update and repair your QuickBooks

In case you find none of the methods working for you, the last thing you can try is updating your QuickBooks. Follow the sequence given below to update and repair QuickBooks.

  • Open QuickBooks. After that, go to the ‘Help‘ menu.
  • After that, tap the option of ‘Update QuickBooks Desktop.’ 
  • Open your company file. Keep doing your tasks disturbed by the 404 error in QB.
  • If you find the problem continuing, proceed with repairing QuickBooks.
  • Hit the Windows + R keys on your keyboard.
  • Now input ‘Appwiz.cpl‘ in the box that appears.
  • Next, select the QuickBooks software from the list of programs installed. Follow it up by clicking on ‘Repair.’
  • Now check if error 404 has been resolved.

Final Words

Now you know about the causes, symptoms, and resolutions of QB error 404. You are fully equipped to deal with this error and fix it successfully. But it may be possible that the methods listed above don’t work out, and the errors persist. In such a case, you can dial the QuickBooks payroll support phone number. The technical experts will help you to diagnose and rectify this problem immediately. So don’t waste your time, just dial Quickbooks Experts Contact Number right now Or visit their website through the link to get best solution.


Hello, everyone. Alex Poter, technical lead here. Some QuickBooks users are curious about how to resolve a QuickBooks mistake. QuickBooks File Doctor is software that allows you to repair or restore corrupted QuickBooks files. QuickBooks helps you to successfully manage your finances. QuickBooks File Doctor also assists in finding and resolving network issues.

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