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Get professional washing machine repair

Washing Machine Repair

You should have your Washing Machine Repair if you experience strange sounds coming from it. Manufacturers of washing machines recommend that you perform a “service wash ” every few months . Some washing machines have a self-cleaning option.

What maintenance is required for a washing machine?

The buildup of detergent residue and fabric softener, as well the presence of mold or mildew in washing machines can cause odors. Wash your machine regularly to remove odors and keep clothes and fabric fresh. Add two cups of baking soda each month to the drum, and run an empty load through your machine.

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Automatic Washing Machine Repair Service

Washing multiple clothes simultaneously is possible. You don’t even need to keep your eyes on it. All you have to do is put the clothes, water, and washing powder into the machine. This will save you precious time.

Front-Load Washing Machine Repair Service

You don’t need to be a star if you are neatly dressed. If your clothes are clean and neat, people will notice you.

Top Loading Washing Machine Repair Services

Top Loading washing machine is what we offer. It makes it easy to wash and dry clothes.

Semi Washing Machine Repair Service

Semi-automatic machines have separate cabinets
Full-automatic machines can be used for both washing and drying, while a semi-automatic machine has the same chamber that can be used for drying as well.

Our speciality

  • Highly skilled, verified and highly rated technicians in Bangalore
  • Services and repairs for multiple brands at your door
  • Fast and same-day installation in most cases
  • High quality service at the best prices
  • Trusted by over 10,000 clients
  • Customer service specialists available


Your Washing Machine Repair is our Washing Machine

Designed by you

We start by identifying the problem. Let’s say you need parts for your car. We can design them.

Fast Service

We offer faster and better service for your Washing Machine

Service Checkup

We offer service checks for any Washing Machine brand.

We believe our clients deserve the best possible service.

For any brand of Washing Machine Repair , our skilled technicians are available 24 hours a day. No matter where you are in Dubai, Sharjah, or Abu Dhabi you can count upon us to provide excellent customer service and a quick response.


It can be very frustrating when your Washing Machine stops working. It might seem that you need to call a professional repairman. You can fix small damages and problems in your fridge yourself.

It can be very frustrating when your home appliances stop working. You not only have to deal the inconvenience of not being able to use your appliance, but also need to locate a qualified repair service that can fix it.

Here are some things you can do in order to ensure you get a reliable appliance repair company.

  1. Look online for reviews: Do a quick Google search to find many reviews about local appliance repair companies. Find out what other customers have to say about their experience with the company.
  2. Ask around: Get recommendations from your neighbors, friends, and family for appliance repai or services.
  3. Multiple quotes: After you have contacted a few companies, make sure to request multiple quotes before finalizing your decision. This will ensure that you get the best price possible for your repair.
  4. You may be eligible for warranty coverage if your appliance is still covered under warranty. Before you hire a repair company, make sure you read the terms of your warranty. These tips will help you locate a reliable appliance repair company when you need it.


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