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FTM and MTF Hair Transplant Surgery: What’s Involved

Everyone can benefit from hair transplantation, no matter their color, ethnicity, or gender. There has been a significant rise in transgender people getting hair transplants in the last few years. Men who want to become women and women who want to become men can benefit from having their hair transplanted. For transgender people, hair transplantation is an essential part of the process of transitioning. The main goal of this procedure is to change the hairline so that it grows in the right direction.

How does hair transplantation work?

In the end, transgender hairline surgery may have the desired results. Because it changes the hairline, transsexual people are becoming more interested in it. If you’re coming from mtf hairline regrowth, your hair will need to be thicker and more packed. For this to work, both the hairline and the hair flow would have to be changed. Method: Follicular unit extraction has been used a lot to get hair (FU). Change the location of your hairline and the crown of your hair to help you transition from being a man to being a woman. This type of therapy is made to fit the needs of the person who is getting it.

Do men and women have different hairstyles?

The hairlines of men and women are very different. Because each person has a unique hairline, it is essential to consider that when getting a hair transplant. In addition, knowing the difference between the hairlines of men and women is essential if you want to get results that look real. For example, the hairstyles of men and women are very different.

  • The shape of the upper lip.
  • Intricate shapes on the scalp
  • The way the strands of hair move.
  • There is also the hairline’s aging process.

In general, the hairlines of women tend to be more forward than those of men. A hairline that looks more like that of a man has come back on the forehead. This makes the forehead look bigger than it is. On the other hand, women are less likely than men to have their hairline fall out as they get older. Some women may lose more hair than men.

MTF transsexual hair transplant: what it is?

There are fewer FTMs than MTFs, but they are still common. This product is popular because there is a big difference in the length of the hairline between men and women. However, even if you’ve gone from male to female, you’ll still lose hair like you did before you became female.  results may be hard to get naturally. FUE and FUT are suitable methods for getting hair from a man to a woman. These treatments may also make the hair look fuller and thicker, but they may also make it denser. 

FTM hair transplant: What Is It?

Prescription drugs must raise testosterone levels in people who have gone from being female to being a man. This will change your feminine hormones into male hormones, giving you a more masculine body. Getting a normal hairline for men with the help of drugs may not be possible for some people. It might also be the main reason for male pattern baldness to be the DHT problem. DHT is a worry. A lousy hairline and many hair loss could happen if you use this product.

Hair transplant surgery for transgender people: costs

Most hair transplants for people who want to change their gender cost more or less depending on how many grafts they need. Still, it’s good to figure out how many grafts the hair doctor will need. It is possible to determine how much FUE or FUT hair transplants cost. However, a professional hair surgeon should be called if you want an exact price.

Mtf hairline regrowth or FTM hair transplant surgery usually only takes a few days to heal, and it is usually straightforward. To leave the hospital after surgery, you will need to have no bandages and your hair styled in the same way. Even after 24 hours, you should not do a lot of physical activity for at least a week to avoid damage or bleeding. After surgery, you can wash your hair the next day and return to work the next day. Many people choose to take a few days off from work to make sure they have fully recovered before returning to their regular schedules again. Small scabs and slight swelling may appear during the healing process.

What Affects the Growth of Facial Hair in People Who Are FTM?

An FTM person’s facial hair grows because of their hormones and genetics. They have a better chance of succeeding if they have siblings or parents who grow long and thick beards and mustaches by accident.

To sum it up

A transgender hair transplant is something to think about if you want to change genders. People who take testosterone may have more facial hair, but this isn’t always the case for all of them. Keep in mind that some people might grow facial hair even if they don’t use hormones. This treatment can also grow a beard in FTM patients who have lost their beards (HRT). 

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