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FRP vs. PVC – Have you ever wondered which material makes the better wall panel?

Author Bio – Jack Johnson was wondering, between FRP and PVC, which wall material would be ideal for his Laundromat. He found FRP pricing lower but was unhappy with the cumbersome installation process. Jack found the DIY PVC panel kits from Duramax a better alternative. PVC installation is hassle-free, quick, and a DIY job that requires no labor and gets covered with minimal cost. Jack highly recommends Duramax PVC panels for every business.

FRP panels came way before the PVC wallboard and were hugely popular. The FRP pricing was low, which was a big added advantage for the material to gain acceptance. The only problem that became a cause of concern was that FRP material rots, peels off, delaminates, and attracts moisture over time. The FRP panels were not a great choice for wet commercial environments, making businesses look for a long-term waterproof solution. Investing in PVC wall panels is the better alternative to FRP. When it’s FRP vs. PVC, the premium quality vinyl panels emerge as the clear winner. Here are a few reasons to choose PVC over FRP once again.

Waterproof PVC is better than FRP

Don’t let the low FRP pricing make you buy a cheaper quality material that is not resistant to moisture. The FRP panels have wooden backers that are known to attract moisture, and over time, the adhesives fail to hold the wall material in place. As the wooden backers absorb moisture, the FRP panels tend to rot, peel off, get damaged and delaminate fast. In contrast, the vinyl panels made from 100% virgin PVC material are waterproof and have a non-porous surface that does not allow moisture absorption. As a result, the vinyl panels have no wooden backers to attract vapor and are ideal for commercial grow rooms, dairy parlors, marinas, Laundromats, and other wet commercial applications. In addition, the waterproof PVC panels are more durable and a sustainable solution for the long haul. Ideally, the recyclable PVC panels last for a lifetime. Nevertheless, you can expect high-end PVC panels to serve for 45 years or longer once installed.

Low maintenance PVC is better than FRP 

If you want to compare the maintenance parameters between FRP vs. PVC, then the vinyl panels are easier to maintain. The PVC panels have a smooth surface that does not stain, fade or need repainting. To clean the vinyl panels, use a damp cloth with soap. The vinyl wall panels are resistant to chemicals and don’t corrode. Cleaning PVC with detergents or bleaching agents is a great way to retain the pristine white look.

On the other hand, the FRP wall material has a rough surface prone to staining and fades easily. As a result, the FRP material needs constant repainting and repairing every now and then. Maintaining FRP panels is an expensive choice, and that’s why PVC is surely the better alternative.

PVC is quicker to install than FRP 

The PVC panel installation is quicker than FRP. It takes only 7 hours to install PVC panels with only one laborer, whereas the FRP wall materials take two skilled laborers and additional materials for the two-day installation. Installing FRP panels is time-consuming, expensive, and requires much effort. The PVC panel kits arrive in 2 weeks direct from the factory. PVC panels get customized and undergo strict quality checking before getting shipped to the commercial application. Choose PVC panels over FRP to save 40% on material and 50% on labor costs for the installation.

Final verdict – PVC is the right choice 

PVC panels are recyclable and last for 45 to 50 years minimally. The low-maintenance PVC panels from Duramax are FDA-compliant, fire-resistant, affordable, ASTM-certified, and CFIA-certified. Duramax offers a free sample. Get a quote now. Book your no-cost consultation today. Talk to the experts directly to understand how PVC can serve you better than FRP.


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