Fleece Pullover: Never Too Late to Find the Right Fleece

The weather is getting colder, which means clothing needs are changing. Whether end-users go about their business in the cold outside to run errands, enjoy the snow, or cuddle up on the sofa while watching holiday classics, a fleece pullover is a garment they’ll want to wear.

Cow print fleece pullover keeps users warm and simultaneously provides unrivaled branding because it is so snuggly during chilly temperatures.

However, not all fleece fabrics are created equal. Do you need heavyweight warmth, or are you looking for something soft and lightweight?

These are the details that can make or break your order. This fleece pullover is everything that people have in their minds.

Unsure about which fleece fabric would be most beneficial for your clients? There are many apparel brands out there that have got you covered. With this helpful guide, you can brush up on their fleece offerings and become more familiar with the key benefits of each type of fabric.

80/20 Blend

The 80/20 fleece blend is the first on the list. This cloth has a 100% cotton face and is composed of 80% cotton and 20% polyester. It provides enhanced printability and adaptability for various decorating choices.

Like a cotton tee, the cow print fleece pullover mix is exceptionally smooth and simple to print on. This fabric comes in several cuts and styles, so you’re not restricted to just t-shirts when it comes to customer suggestions.

  • Fleece Pullover Hoodie: The pullover tapers to the body nicely, preventing it from acquiring the “mushroom” effect due to the limited elasticity of the bottom. It’s also really printable for a wide range of decoration ideas.
  • Fleece Crew with Pocket: Consider the classic crewneck, which is upgraded, thanks to the much-needed functional pockets added to the front. They also have a lined locker patch on the inside makes it easy for your clients to rebrand with custom labels.
  • The Fleece Zip Hoodie is perfect for discharge and DTG printing. This hoodie also has natural pullcords and black exposed brass zippers, which makes it easy to coordinate with other pieces in the collection.
  • Don’t forget the kiddos! Creating the zip-up was a top priority, which is why the youth versions include kissing zippers to minimize the hazard of asphyxiation.

French Terry Fleece Pullover

The first thing that pops up in my mind when is that French terry is most likely bath towels and robes – but that isn’t precisely incorrect!

However, some brands wrap the looped French terry cloth around the inside of these clothes, leaving the outside flat and simple to decorate. On the inside, it’s gentle and modest; on the outside, it’s for business with a big logo… What’s not to like about this?

Highlight how these French terry designs are lightweight and layering-friendly and will appeal to everyone in every season or demographic.

  • The French Terry Raglan Crew features a new take on the classic style with its very trendy cuts, raglan sleeves, and cross-stitching beneath the neck.
  • The Men’s Soft-Spun French Terry Pullover Hoodie: This hoodie will not disappoint you regarding the presentation. This hoodie has everything you need with a super-soft hand, a smooth face for decorating, and a broad range of color choices.
  • The French Terry Zip Hoodie is a popular choice for many customers. You can make the imprint with the same color as the contrasting shade letting your hoodies look tailor-made for your daily use. Or, you can try tone-on-tone imprints which have a subtle yet stylish effect.

Denim Fleece Pullover

What is this strange fabric, and how can you explain it to your customers? It might be worth bringing a sample with you to sales presentations so that clients may touch it for themselves. It becomes challenging when you walk away from the purchase after they’ve done so.

This heathered cloth has a more used appearance than other fleece. It gives the end-user an unforgettable experience when they receive it. The best news? This fabric feels light when you wear it, and is a work of a warm 7.4-oz knit.

  • Denim Fleece Zip Hoodie: This heather denim-inspired fleece pullover has a relaxed, vintage feel. It lets fleece lovers wear them around town every time.
  • Joggers are hip and trendy and have become even more popular since we’ve been spending so much time indoors. With our specially-crafted fabric, your clients will instantly stand out from their competitors.

The Denim Fleece is an excellent addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Its durability and style are no match and will make a lasting impression on anyone who receives it. Thanks for choosing the Denim Fleece!

In Conclusion –

So, you’re looking out for a new fleece pullover (or any other type of jacket)? We hope this detailed guide is of help in steering you in the right direction.

Don’t forget – even if it’s not wintertime anymore and you’re reading this post months after buying your last coat, there’s no harm in bookmarking this page for future reference. After all, it’s never too late to find the perfect fleece!

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