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Enhance the Customer Experience: Allow Product Comments in the Magento 2 Cart

E-commerce businesses are always looking for ways to improve the customer experience. One idea that can help enhance the customer journey is allowing shoppers to leave comments about products directly in their shopping cart. Implementing this feature in Magento 2 provides some key benefits for both customers and merchants.

Allowing comments in the cart gives customers an easy way to leave feedback as they browse and shop on a site. They can quickly share thoughts on an item’s quality, size, or other attributes. For merchants, these product reviews let them gather valuable insights into how shoppers perceive their offerings. Displaying comments also fosters social validation and trust. Overall, this small but impactful upgrade to the Magento 2 cart can go a long way in creating a more engaging, interactive shopping experience.

Benefits of Allowing Cart Comments

Enabling customers to leave comments and questions directly in the shopping cart provides a variety of benefits for both shoppers and stores. Here are some of the top advantages of implementing cart comments:

  • Allows customers to leave notes for themselves about items in the cart, like desired color, size, delivery date, or any other specifications. This helps them keep track of important details.
  • Enables shoppers to leave messages for store representatives regarding cart products. For example, asking if an item can be customized or shipped faster.
  • Provides customers an easy way to ask questions or clarify needs about cart items before checkout. This prevents misunderstandings or wrong purchases.
  • Improves communication between customers and the store during the ordering process. Shoppers feel their feedback is heard and valued.
  • Reduces cart abandonment rates by keeping customers engaged with the checkout process. If they have concerns, they can simply leave a comment instead of abandoning the cart.

Key Customer Experience Factors in E-commerce

  • Website design – An attractive, user-friendly website with easy navigation keeps customers engaged. Simple layouts, clean aesthetics, and intuitive menus enhance the experience.
  • Mobile optimization – With much shopping via smartphones, a mobile-friendly site with responsive design prevents frustration. Elements like tap targets and text size should be adapted for mobile screens.
  • Page load speed – Research shows slow page loads lead to high abandonment rates. Optimizing images, code, and servers to maximize speed provides smooth browsing.
  • Personalization – Customers expect a personalized experience tailored to their interests and purchase history. Features like recommended products and targeted messaging help achieve this.
  • AI and chatbots – Smart AI chatbots that understand natural language provide quick answers to customer questions, enhancing convenience.
  • Payment and fulfillment – Offering multiple payment methods and fast, flexible delivery options satisfies customer needs and expectations.
  • Customer support – Having extensive help resources and responsive customer service ensures shoppers have an enjoyable experience from purchase to post-purchase.

Implementing Comments in Magento 2 Cart

The default Magento 2 cart and checkout process provides a streamlined workflow to guide customers from product selection to order completion. However, in its basic state, customers cannot leave feedback or questions about items in their cart. To enable cart comments, stores will need to customize and extend the default functionality through a custom module.

The module will add a comment text box to all cart pages allowing shoppers to enter notes and questions for each product row item. The comments can be saved in a custom database table linked to the customer’s cart ID and cart item IDs. Display logic can show the comments on cart pages and allow editing. The module will also need to retrieve and display the comments on the checkout success page and customer account order views.

Additional functionality would enable cart comments to be visible in the Magento admin backend. Store admins could then view, manage, and respond to customer questions and concerns directly from new or existing orders. With some further customization, admin responses could also be displayed and synced on the frontend order views. This allows ongoing back-and-forth communication via cart comments.

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Integrating Comments with Broader CX Strategy

While implementing cart comments provides value in the checkout stage, retailers should think about how to incorporate this feature into a larger customer experience strategy. The ability to gather direct product feedback and questions enables some impactful opportunities to enhance CX across the customer lifecycle.

Cart comments can feed into broader personalization and loyalty initiatives. The collected feedback provides useful data for crafting customized recommendations and targeted marketing campaigns beyond the cart. Furthermore, promptly responding to questions and concerns strengthens the customer relationship and brand perception.

  • Use comments for abandoned cart follow-up emails to win back customers
  • Create personalized product recommendations based on comment insights
  • Identify pain points and improve site experience using comment data
  • Build loyalty through excellent service and responses to comments
  • Send surveys to get additional feedback on the cart comment experience

Maximize Impact with Additional Enhancements

While the ability to add comments is a big first step, stores can amplify the benefits with some further enhancements. On the front end, the user interface can be tweaked to make commenting more visible and intuitive. For example, using bold icons or eye-catching colors for the comment box draws attention. Notifications could alert customers when their questions receive a response. Stores could also enable comments on broader product pages to gather feedback beyond the cart.

On the backend, stores should customize order, customer, and reporting views to surface cart comment data. For example, creating a comment tab on orders to highlight important questions. Or generating reports to analyze comment topics and trends over time. Identifying common pain points through comments enables stores to proactively improve the shopping experience. With some creative thinking, there are many impactful ways stores can optimize both UI and internal tools to maximize the value gained from cart comments.


Enabling product comments in the shopping cart provides a simple yet highly effective method for enhancing customer experience and increasing sales. By giving customers an outlet to leave feedback, questions, and requests directly within the cart, retailers keep shoppers engaged through the critical checkout process while also strengthening loyalty and perception of the brand. With minimal development effort, Magento 2 stores can implement cart comments to start improving metrics like cart abandonment rates and conversion levels. With some additional frontend UI tweaks and integration with internal tools, the benefits of cart comments can be amplified further. This feature aligns perfectly with the crucial goal of delivering excellent CX across every stage of the customer journey.

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