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Easy Guide to Silk Hair Toppers: All You Need to Know

Do you have hair loss that is negatively impacting your confidence and self-esteem? With your thinning hair, you may feel as if you can’t go out or do the activities you used to. We’re here to tell you that’s not the case.

We have the right quick fix to help you restore your confidence while you get your hair loss under control. We’re talking about a silk hair topper that will hide your thinning locks. Human hairpieces, like silk toppers, are the best and quickest solution for women to achieve fuller hair. 

The daunting challenge is to choose the best hair toppers for you. That’s where we come in. We will assist you in your quest to perfect the look of your mane.

A. Understanding Silk Hair Toppers

Understanding hair toppers
Understanding hair toppers

Loss of hair volume for girls, in particular, is concerning. Most ladies use their hair to express themselves by styling it and coloring it. That’s where silk hair toppers come in handy. 

Silk toppers are available in a plethora of textures and colors to meet the needs of all consumers. But what exactly is a silk-based human hair topper? 

Silk toppers have the ability to imitate our hairline. It makes it impossible to tell that it’s a hairpiece because it looks just like our scalp. The lace base is breathable, and the hair is attached to the material directly. The result? A virtually unnoticeable silk base topper. 

It has two layers, a silk and lace material layer. On the lace base, the stands are vented before being implanted in the silk base material. It gives the perfect illusion of the hair growing directly from the scalp. This results in the knots being undetectable and a natural finish. 

B. Mane Conflict: Silk base or a Mono Top Hair Topper?

Silk base or mono top hair topper?
Silk base or mono top hair topper? 

A hair topper made of mono lace material is stiffer and considerably tighter than a hair topper made of other materials. This helps to maintain the hair’s structure quite effectively. Due to its robustness, this hairpiece can hold up to 180 percent density. 

Choose this style if you prefer voluminous and thick hair. It’s also gentle and comfortable to wear, making it ideal for those with sensitive scalps. 

As a result, choose the hair that best suits your needs.

C. Benefits of Using Silk Hair Topper

  • It Appears Genuine

Silk toppers have a vast silk foundation that allows for freestyle parting. Silk tops are invisible due to their ventilation system. Blending the natural hairline with this silk topper creates a natural look. It does not cover the entire head, which is helpful if you have significantly thinning hair on the crown.

  • Adds Volume and Length

The silk topper is designed to hide your bald areas and provide thicker and longer tresses. It increases hair volume and length, allowing you to have the hair you desire. 

  • It is Flexible 

The human silk toppers are highly flexible so that you can style and wear your silk topper in multiple ways. The hair strands are firmly knotted on the thin mesh material, inhibiting hair shedding. 

You can bleach and dye the silk toppers without worrying about hair damage to achieve your preferred hair color. You can wear the silk toppers in a natural wavy hair with a heat protectant without worrying about heat damage. 

  • It is Durable

The hair topper has two primary layers (silk fabric and lace), making it highly durable. Silk topper is the most durable material among all types of wiglets. It can easily last up to 6 to 9 months with little maintenance. 

  • Reasonable Prices

Silk hair toppers are the easiest way to conceal your thinning hair at an affordable price. The price of silk toppers varies depending on the quality and the hair type. Select the perfect silk topper for you without making a huge dent in your bank.

D. Silk Hair Toppers at Diva Divine

Hair toppers at Diva Divine

Diva Divine’s hair toppers add instant volume and coverage. These hair toppers are made entirely of real hair and come in various textures and proportions. 

With years of experience in the hair industry, Diva Divine provides consumers with premium silk hair toppers. Diva Divine offers a plethora of silk hair toppers made of raw human hair, making them silky and lustrous. It also has a superior hair texture and a longer lifespan. 

Here are some of Diva Divine’s best-selling hair products:

  • Invisible Parting Topper – Small (2.5×5)
Small invisible parting topper 

The invisible parting topper seamlessly covers the desired region and is simple to apply. You can separate your hair as you choose thanks to the swiss lace used in the base. It has 5 clips that provides a firm grip on your hair while allowing you to move freely.

  • Invisible Parting Topper – Medium (4×4)
Medium invisible parting topper 

The invisible parting hair topper flawlessly covers the desired region and is simple to apply. It has a Swiss lace base and free parting, so you can separate your hair as you choose. The 5 clips enable you to keep a firm grip on your hair. This allows mobility without worrying about it sliding off.

  • Lady Top Head Patch
Lady top head patch 

The lady top monofilament offers quick volume to your hair while merging with it. The base blends seamlessly with the scalp when held together with the hands for a natural appearance. This wiglet is simple to apply and remove, saving you a lot of time. You can color or style it as your desire because it blends well with your hair.


We hope you have learned more about silk topping and how you can use it to conceal thinning hair. The silk hair topper is undeniably the easiest solution for people with thinning hair. 

Silk hair toppers have a natural appearance and blend in with your natural hair. You now have an additional treatment option for your hair loss.  Are you ready to try the silk topper? Contact Diva Divine for the premium silk toppers, among other hair products. Diva Divine hair is made of 100% virgin hair, and you can also contact them for a customized silk hair topper. 

Gain back your confidence with the best hair toppers in town from Diva Divine. Shop now!

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