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Does Your Cone Crusher Help You in Increasing Your Profits?

Cone crushers are an important piece of construction and engineering equipment in the industry. It contributes to making the material being used more accessible and usable. They are not only investing in establishing better, more equitable, and cost-effective solutions to better utilize current crushers, but they are also innovating to streamline the process. The specialists at MechTech have tried and tested and recognized what works best in terms of cone crusher manufacturers in India and how a company can make them economically friendly while generating high-quality goods with the existing structure throughout the years.

We present five of the simplest methods for increasing revenues with cone crushers you already own.

1. Closed-side discharge setting that is consistent (CSS)

To obtain consistent aggregate quality, quantity, and a balanced circuit, the cone crusher manufacturers in India should run at a consistent closed side setting (CSS). This produces shaped and sized aggregates as well as quality products.

2. Keep the ‘choke fed’ cavity level constant

Only if the crusher is choke-fed precisely and consistently will the product quality (shape) and quantity be optimal, resulting in accurate compression on the feed particles and inter-particle crushing between big and smaller particles. When the crusher is set to intermittent feeding, a cavity level is created during the shift. Operating at a low cavity or half cavity level allows for a much coarser grading of the final product. This setting flattens and lengthens the product particles.

3. Ensure that the feed is distributed evenly and vertically

It’s always a good idea to direct incoming feed material toward the center cone head. It is critical to ensure that its distribution is even when put vertically as it flows down to the crusher’s center. Uneven loading will result if the feed is not dropping in the center. This will also result in one-sided wear of the mantle and concave, affecting production.

4. Reduce surge loading to create a more efficient circuit

Surge loading will undoubtedly have a negative impact on production levels regardless of the crusher used. Surge piles or feed hoppers, in conjunction with variable frequency (speed) motors and feeding systems, can be employed to provide the crusher with better and more constant feed control. This enables the crusher to operate at a fairly consistent cavity level. Better feed management can easily boost the output of a cone crusher by a minimum of 10%.

5. Take out any particles or sticky stuff

It is usually necessary to remove any wet particles or sticky material from the feed stream before it enters the crushing chamber. This prevents the feed material from becoming packed within the crushing chamber, which improves gripping and loads transfer onto the feed material and functions as a grinder if the material is abrasive.

Crushing and screening are critical activities in the mining and construction sectors. The necessity for quick and efficient crushing and screening processes is critical in both sectors, and it makes a big difference in terms of quality and production. This is the primary reason why consumers all around the country rely on MechTech Engineers for innovative, technologically sound, and cost-effective solutions.

A team of serious engineers provides us with solid backup support, which inspires us to take another step forward in the direction of creating high-quality products. We leave no stone untouched when it comes to technological advancements and production techniques. We take all required steps at every stage of the production process to ensure that top-notch quality stays an inherent part of our operations. The organization strives to keep prices competitive and delivery times on the track.

Thus, when it comes to maintaining the faith that our consumers have placed in us, fast delivery of products at reasonable rates remains our top priority.

We are makers of feeding, crushing, screening, and sand material handling materials that are customizable to your specifications and delivered quickly across India.

Our experience has led to us achieving excellence in engineering innovation and aiding our clients in investing in sustainable infrastructure by delivering technical solutions.

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