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Do and don’t while staying at breakfast!

Staying in the best bed & breakfast in Fredericksburg TX is a unique experience compared to any other type of accommodation. Each property is individual, each inn, and of course, each guest is special. Part of what makes bed and breakfasts appealing to those who enjoy visiting them is their differences.

Do: Be aware of check-in and check-out times of bed and breakfast.

The time check-in and out is determined based on two main factors. First, cleaning the room between guests takes time, ensuring it is ready for the next check-in. Usually, 2-3 hours is an adequate amount of time to get things ready.

Depending on laundry needs, the amount of mess left behind, and any maintenance that might be needed, this depends on how many rooms the property has, whether it’s a guest house alone or not, staff, etc. Second, some innkeepers work outside of bed and breakfasts.

Do not enter areas marked “private” or “inn only” while staying at a bed and breakfast!

This may include the kitchen, the innkeeper’s quarters, the laundry room, or any other areas that the innkeeper has designated as “their” space. Staff meets all needs somewhere to call our own. Bed and breakfast is not hiding anything from you; they just need an area where we can be without guests, be our mess, and not have to worry about bumping into guests while trying to do errands or chores. Don’t take it personally. We love having you and sharing our home with you. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be in business but need some alone time.

Ask any questions while staying at bed and breakfast!

Bed and breakfast are here to make your stay as pleasant as possible. Ask B&B where to go, what to do, and what to see. Ask us if you need anything. Don’t make to find it yourself; please don’t hold back on asking because you don’t want to put us off. We can’t solve problems we don’t know about. And if you notice something wrong with the guest room. Sometimes, a space may be occupied for weeks at a time, and we may not have the opportunity to test every aspect of the room at every turn. This means that we rely on our guests to let us know if they accidentally break something or if they notice something is missing.

Don’t: Show up late for breakfast at bed and breakfast!

Every B&B has its way of doing it regarding breakfast times. Some set the operational requirement during which they will serve. Others have a set time. They happen to ask each guest to tell us when they would like to dine. In any case, once that time is set, please be on time. Unlike a chain motel with a lousy waffle iron and a musty bagel stand that has been waiting for hours for you to come down and get breakfast, the Innkeepers cook you a hot and memorable bed and breakfast every morning. It takes us time and a lot of preparation to ensure everything is in order so that your breakfast is as good as it can be when you reach. If you show up later than expect, it can completely derail the timing, and of course, a time-sensitive dish like a soufflé will be ruined.

Do: observe any rules or requirements set by the innkeeper at bed and breakfast!

Some bed and breakfasts give you a short list of their rules when you check in. Others have a book with the basic rules on the bed or somewhere in the room. Some, like us, don’t have any. Either way, remember that you are living in someone’s home, and it is up to them to analyze what they are comfortable with when you do or don’t.

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