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Dental Hygiene Tips to Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Healthy teeth have a significant impact on your children’s overall health. Aside from helping them talk and eat well, good dental care establishes habits that benefit your children as they grow older. Lack of proper oral hygiene and consistent care leads to all kinds of teeth problems including gum disease, brittle enamel, surface discolouration and infection. Before teeth problems escalate, smart parents consult a children’s dentist in Canberra and go for regular visits. 

Kids’ Oral Care Tips

The good news? Dental hygiene need not be intimidating. Let your kids enjoy oral health care with these simple and fun tips:

1) When shopping for a toothbrush, let kids choose a colour and design they prefer. Some kids’ toothbrushes sport characters from popular shows. Children will eagerly participate in picking a toothbrush especially when there’s a character they’re familiar with.   

2) Toothpastes for kids now come in different flavours and colours. Let your kids choose what they like. They will be eager to use it when it’s time for them to brush their teeth. 

3) Always educate your children about dental hygiene. Liven it up by using a kids’ app or watching videos online. There are various types of digital content about oral health, which have been designed to facilitate early childhood learning. 

3) Make sure your children brush their teeth for 2 minutes. Set a timer where necessary. If they tend to wander or unable to focus, try playing their favorite kids’ song to keep them engaged while assisting them.

4) Praise and recognise your children’s efforts. Rather than giving them sweets and unhealthy treats, reward them with something that reinforces good behaviour. A crafted award or a piece of fruit would do. 

5) After visiting a Canberra children’s dentist, play with your kids or take them to a playhouse. Most kids fear going to the dentist, but a happy experience after every visit reduces future onset of trauma. 

6) Monitor your children’s oral health. Keep notes and documents of their dental visits and teeth growth. Don’t be excessively strict with their diet but avoid overindulging them too. Balance is key.

Invest in a Quality Fluoride Toothpaste for Kids

This is something every parent must pay attention to. Fluoride is crucial to everyone’s dental health, even among babies and toddlers. It effectively reduces cavities for both primary and permanent teeth. Moreover, it strengthens teeth by hardening the enamel, making it less prone to breakage or chipping. Flouride is important at every point in our lives. That’s why adding it to your kids’ oral health care routine will help them understand its importance and carry this knowledge with them throughout the years.

Let your children drink water regularly. They get most of their fluoride from it, especially filtered tap water. However, choose a specific type of filter that does not remove fluoride and is generally safe to use; do not use reverse osmosis filters as these do not retain flouride. In the absence of fluoride-rich water, find an oral fluoride supplement for kids. At best, consult a children’s dentist before allowing your child to ingest any supplement or liquid. Regular visits to a pediatric dentist also includes teeth cleaning and a fluoride varnish.

Note that excessive use of fluoride may cause stains and harm your child instead. Be careful and always seek professional advice or assistance. Make sure your kids properly spit out fluoride toothpaste and only use mouthwash when they’re old enough to understand how it works. When using fluoride supplements, diligently follow the instructions and do your research before purchasing.

Visit a Kids’ Dentist 

You’re not alone in your quest to maintain and protect your children’s oral health. Children’s dentists are specialists who know the ins and outs of teeth and gum care for kids. They are equipped with the right tools and can keep your kids at ease while resolving any dental problem they might have. Leave all the complex oral health issues and maintenance to them, while you take care of the rest at home.


Victoria Gill

Dental assistant and marketing staff who writes articles and white paper content on behalf of Weston Dental Surgery, a team of renowned dentists servicing Weston Creek, Canberra.

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