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Damascus steel (Damascus) is metal obtained by the forging method from the package composed of different types of steel. As a result of the existence among these levels . the Damascus metal blade has a pattern that is characteristic of the surface. The primary bonus is a combination of hardness and flexibility. which will be obtained properly because of the “mixing” of different-grade steel, yet still, Damascus is considerably inferior in its characteristics to damask steel. With some stretch, we can say that Damascus metal is a damask that is synthetic. But welding Damascus and cast damask are completely steels which can be different. The huge difference that is fundamental between Damascus and Damascus is homogeneous high-carbon steel. And Damascus is a composition of levels of different-grade steel.

Welding Damascus

There exists a variation that welding Damascus appeared in Persia being an imitation that. It is artificial damask as a cheaper product in making tools. From the South-East, this technology came to European countries, where it changed into a genuine industry. The heyday regarding the school of welded Damascus falls at the start of the century. that is eighteenth in European countries it is Solingen, in Russia – Zlatoust. Magnificent Damascus was also forged in the Caucasus at that time.

blade lovers

Now, among blade lovers, the Damascus blade is the strength that is gaining recognition due to its qualities and looks. After some oblivion, blacksmiths rediscovered the secrets of its manufacture. It can be assumed that in the future that is near after the Damascus steel blade has gained high popularity. Firearms with Damascus steel barrels may also appear.

knife from Damascus

Damascus is simply a steel that is high-carbon with a carbon content of 1.3per cent. With exemplary traits, often approaching the properties of genuine damask metal. The process that is entire of metal that is Damascus understood and fairly simple in conversation along with on paper,  you will find very few blacksmiths who make Damascus knives with phenomenal properties. Along with one of the keys that are entire of is within the smithy. And never ever ever “knife from Damascus” has got the characteristics which are inherent in this steel.

The essence of getting a welding Damascus can be as follows:

  • A case is put together from the number of metals with various carbon content,
  • sprinkled with flux, heated in a forge and forged,
  • The club is cut across, folded back into a bag as well as the operation. It is repeated once the drawing advances
  • and such like several times. The number of layers can achieve tens of sooner or later thousands. However the optimal, within our opinion, is mostly about three hundred layers.

Real Damascus

Then real Damascus metal will not work, since carbon will burn out. However, in coal forges, first-class Damascus exists – the blade, being in a lump of burning coal. It is well carburized if the metal is heated in a gas furnace.

It is as a result of the alternation of levels with a high and carbon that is low – some difficult among others viscous. That the properties for which the Damascus steel knife is famous are achieved.

Depending on how a blacksmith has assembled and welded different grades of steel. The famous “Damascus pattern” is created and looms. These patterns are presented in numerous kinds that are various nevertheless the most frequent are waves, stripes, mesh, and bouquet.

Then through the viewpoint of strength and performance characteristics. the easier and simpler the drawing (the boundaries associated with the layers are equal in thickness and without special zigzags associated with the jet), the greater if you decide to purchase a blade from Damascus. We suggest choosing knives which can be just such. It is also a well worth choice that it provides an inferior pattern. When compared to a large one since this shows more layers.

The look of the pattern and emphasizing the aesthetics for the Damascus metal blade is attained by etching.

One of the most packages which are popular knives made of Damascus metal is KHVG + U8 + ShKh15

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