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Complete Solution For SQL Server Object Level Recovery

Articleft | If you are in a hurry to solve the error of SQL Server Object level recovery? If yes, then, here you will get a complete and reliable solution that provides an easy solution for the same. In this blog, we are going to discuss two methods which are manual as well as automated methods which help you to make your task easy.

As SQL Server is a standard relational database language used to manage the data. It is developed and distributed by Microsoft. SQL stands for Structured Query Language. So, this
The article explains some methods for SQL Server object-level restoration.
Now, let’s move toward the what are the reasons behind this error?

Reasons Behind a Corrupt Database

There are several reasons for the damaged database. Does the main question arise when the database is corrupted? So, the question is divided into two parts: when writing the file to the database, and when saving the file. Example:

Operating System Failure: There are many situations that can cause the operating system to crash. And, it can be caused by Ransomware attacks on SQL Server, Malware, Viruses. This can corrupt the database and this type of corruption does not occur more than once. Sometimes the data is so corrupted that it is difficult to recover.

Power Failure: If the backup is not taken, the abrupt system shutdown could damage the database. An unexpected system shutdown without backup power not only leads to the database but also data loss can occur.

Page-level Corruption: It stored all the databases in the form of pages. The page collection is saved as a file in the main file, also known as an MDF file. When information is changed in any part of the paging file. It has no use for the user, as the user cannot open the file. It can cause many types of hardware failures in the system: hard drive crash, power failure, main memory crash, and so on.

Now, let us take a look at the manual method and how it works?

How to Perform SQL Server Object Level Recovery Manually?

Use the manual method to fix the error of SQL server object-level restore. This method requires that a backup file should be created. So, let us start the process!

  • Firstly, right-click on a Database >> Task >> Restore >> Database.
  • Now, select Source Destination: Database or Device
  • Next and click on Verify Backup Media >> OK
  • Finally, the Restore Process is Completed.

There are many corruption errors that can not be solved by manual methods. So, the expert’s advice is to use an automated solution that can fix all SQL Server Database-related issues. Let us take a look at the same in the below section!

SQL Server Object Level Restore [Automated Solution]

Use the Best SQL Server Database Recovery Tool to fix the error of SQL server object level recovery easily. This tool is an advanced solution that helps you to use the database MDF and NDF files. It assures you that you can restore any data that has been corrupted or deleted.
The utility can help you to check the Database before restoring it. In this way, you can selectively recover the data. However, you will also get the option to restore the tables and other objects like indexes, sequences, triggers, views, forms, and reports.

This is how the software works, Now let us move towards its working steps mentioned in the below section:

Working Process Explained For the Software

Following are the steps to fix and restore the corrupted data using the software. Go step by step:-

  1. Download and install the software on your Windows machine and Browse MDF and NDF files.
  2. Now, Scan Corrupted SQL Database Files by Quick Scan & Advance Scan
  3. Preview of Deleted SQL Database Objects and Records
  4. Finally, Restore the recovered SQL Database into SQL Server Database, SQL Scripts, and CSV.

By using tools there is no risk to share the data on the network. So, use this automated software for an easy or for a resultant result.

Author Suggestion

In this article, you can fix the error of SQL Server Object level Recovery easily without losing any data files. Here, we discussed two methods which are manual & automated methods for restoring SQL server data files in an easy and simple manner. Manuals have many issues to complete the task.

So, the expert advice is to use automated software through which users can easily recover SQL Server object-level data files without any trouble. Now, choose as per your requirement which solution is best for your error.

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