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Coloring sea: drawings to print for free

Coloring sea

Coloring sea: drawings to print for free

Your children want to color the sea and the shells, so are you looking for a sea coloring page? Here are beach and sea drawings to print for free for your children! To print one of these sea coloring pages at home, click on the chosen model, it will then open in a Pop-Up window, and all you have to do is click on the printer! Bat Coloring Page

The morning beach

Sometimes the beach is calm. The morning sky slowly brightens in the east. The air is fresh, light, and iodized. Only the sounds of birds and the sea’s tide can be heard. Seagulls line the sand paths in search of food. Tiny seashells rest on the cool sand of the beach. Soon the sun will rise, bringing light to the shining sand. Mom gives us cereal and apple slices for breakfast. I put on my cap and get ready to play.

The sunny beach

Sometimes the beach is sunny! Soft clouds glide across the bright blue sky—the sea sparkles in the sun. Light waves splash on the seashore and wash the sand here and there. The dry sand is warm and comfortable. The wet sand goes between my toes! And sometimes, a gentle breeze rubs against my face. Mom helps me put on my bathing suit and sunscreen to play in the sea.

The cloudy beach

Sometimes the beach is cloudy. The taste of salt fills the cool, misty air. The sun hides in the thick white clouds, and sometimes it breaks through for a while—the waves of the sea break against the rocks. The sand is wet and cold! The gentle wind blows the grains of sand. Seagulls gracefully fly through the air. My shadow is pale and hard to find. “No swimming this time,” said mum, “we will walk along the sea today.” I throw breadcrumbs to the seagulls, who rush to swallow them!

The stormy beach

Sometimes the beach is stormy! Gray and black clouds cover the sky. The sound of thunder fills the air—the grasses of the dune bend in the rushing wind. Raindrops fall from the shadows, and the waves come crashing against the shore. All the sand is wet now. Mom says rain helps plants grow. It also cleans the air if it is fresh and soft. I look out the window and watch the rainfall. We’ll have to wait until the storm is over to play at the beach again.

The beach at sunset

Sometimes the beach is dreamy. The blue sky is filled with colors: orange, pink, red, yellow, and purple! The sun is slowly sinking in the west. Long shadows stretch across the beach. My shade is more significant than mine! A few boats sail the sea in the distance. Everything seems to be slowing down now. I throw a beach ball far into the sea. And the waves push it right back at me. I play ball with the sea!

The night beach

Sometimes the beach is starry. The bright white moon hangs over the sea. The air is crisp, and a refreshing breeze comes and goes—little stars twinkle beyond the sea—the moon dances on the distant waves. Mom brings us blankets and chocolate to keep us warm. We huddle together to enjoy the melodies of the night.

I love those times at the beach. I want to stay there all the time. But now mom says we have to go home and say goodbye to the sea waves.

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