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Choose the best playground surface for safety

Safety is one of the most important aspects when it comes to playgrounds for children. All playground equipment must approve for safety and must meet strict guidelines and requirements to ensure minimal injury during play. Playground surfaces are no exception. When choosing a 안전놀이터, the safety offered by each component should be one of the main considerations.

While different playground surfaces are available in the market for those who are building playgrounds, different playground surfaces have their own advantages in hosting a safe environment. Of all the surfaces, rubber mats have become one of the most popular choices as they limit the number of potential hazards in the vicinity.

Like bulk materials, rubber mats are shock absorbers and are excellent materials for earthquake-prone environments. In addition, they will provide exceptional cushioning for falls and limit the number of injuries experienced; Playing on this soft, cushioned surface will prevent many fractures, sprains, and injuries for your child. Remember that some children play rough.

Rubber mats provide an extra layer of protection that loose materials do not

Sand, torn rubber and wood chips can easily hide dangerous things in their worms. Pieces of glass, pins, and needles can easily be hidden inside and be extremely unnoticeable. In addition, loosely filled surfaces cannot instal on hard surfaces and will shrink over time to form a harder surface than before. If it is not refreshed regularly, hard surfaces can also be a hazard. injuries for your child. Remember that some children play rough.

The flat surface of the rubber mat allows for easy identification of hazards and easy access by children. Children are less likely to get over any obstacles while they are running. This gives them a huge advantage. Children with disabilities who require wheelchairs or crutches will also ensure that rubber-matted playground surfaces are more convenient and accessible.

One aspect of questioning is the texture of playground surfaces. Sand and wood chips have a thick texture on the surface so they can easily peel off a baby’s skin. In fact, many minor scratches and injuries are caused by the surface of the 메이저놀이터. Wood chips are famous for their splinters. One wrong move and a baby will feel thousands of flakes on their skin. The sand surface becomes hard and thick when wet. In general, liquid-filled surfaces have the potential for children to injure each other. On the other hand, rubber mats provide a smooth surface, prolonging use time.

The rubber mat surface alone provides hygiene which a great add benefit

Sand and wood chips know to hold dirt because they are difficult to clean. The rubber-grinded surfaces can easily wipe or pulled down.

Among the playground surfaces currently on the market, rubber mats are undoubtedly the top protection material and highly recommend by many. While installation costs can be slightly more expensive than removable materials, they require less renewal and maintenance over time. In addition, such surfaces are highly durable and will last for a long time.

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