Can Closing an Old Credit Card Affect Your Credit Score?

If you have a credit score card that you don’t use often or not at all, you are not alone. This group includes an estimated 365,000,000 Americans. But 25% of them may be just waiting for the right opportunity to get back in use. According to the American Bankers Association’s latest report. 

These numbers often raise questions: Should I cancel my oldest credit card, or keep it open? How will this affect my credit score? There are important pros and cons to both. Here’s everything you need before closing your oldest credit card. 

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Should I cancel or keep my unused credit cards? 

Based on your financial situation, your credit card priorities might change. The card you had ten years ago may not reflect your spending habits today or offer the same benefits as many other card providers. 

Your credit score is determined by your credit history. It makes sense to keep your credit card account open even if you’re still receiving new offers. These are the main benefits and drawbacks to closing an old credit card account. 

Benefits of closing a credit line 

  • This is a card with an annual fee. It is best to cancel all outstanding debts immediately and to remove any annual fees. This will help you keep your costs down. You could save money or apply that money to another place if you have an older credit card with a high yearly fee. 
  • It’s possible to save time and not have to manage as many cards. It might help to reduce the number of accounts that you need to manage and keep track of. Lenders may want to close an inactive credit card account if it remains open for a prolonged period of time without any activity. 
  • Eliminating the temptation to spend too much. You can still access your credit limit even if you close an existing credit card. Some people may opt to permanently close an account to avoid falling for this trap. 

Disadvantages of Canceling a Credit Card 

  • Paying down negative credit marks as soon as possible is the best option. If this is not possible, consider adding positive marks to your credit report. If you want to improve credit scores, it is important that you pay off your bad debts as soon as possible. 
  • Taking on more debt. Credit utilization ratio is the percentage of credit a consumer uses. This important statistic can impact your FICO Score by as much as 30%. If you work hard to improve your credit score or credit history, unused cards could lower your credit utilization. These are just a few examples. 
  • Let’s say you have $10,000 in credit available. You split it evenly between your two credit cards. The balance on one card is $2,500, while the balance on the other card is $1,000. Your credit utilization ratio stands at 25%. Your credit utilization ratio is 25%. If you close your zero-balance account, it could rise to 50%. This can cause damage to your credit score. An increase of 25% in your utilization rate can cause credit scores to drop by anywhere from 15-40 points. 
  • The possibility of getting more money is eliminated by closing a credit card account. You can also cancel an existing credit card account to take away money you could use in an emergency. Although you shouldn’t make the mistake of charging high-priced purchases you cannot afford, having access to credit can help you meet a short-term, critical need. 
  • If you cancel your card before the term ends, you’ll lose all of your card’s rates and benefits. You’ll lose any terms or perks that came with your account if you close it before its term ends. Your low interest rate might not be available if you apply for the card again. 

Does closing an old credit card cause credit scores to drop? 

There are several things you should consider when deciding whether to cancel your old credit card. Ask the credit card company to change your “product,” which will preserve your credit history. 

You can cancel your card and receive a new card from the same credit company. This could allow you to get a better card with more benefits and no annual fees. Your credit score will not be affected by the new card, as it will have the same history and benefits as your previous one. 

In Conclusion 

It may be a wise financial decision to close an old credit card depending on your individual circumstances. You should be aware that closing an old credit card could have negative effects on your credit score. 

A credit card account that is open can help you build a better credit history. If the card is new and you are able to maximize the card benefits elsewhere, or if you wish to simplify your finances, closing a credit card account may be the best choice. 

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