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Business Ideas You Can Explore with Brent McMahon RV

Containers are economical, ecological, durable, and above all, portable as Brent McMahon RV  suggested. They can also make you money. You just need a key idea. That’s right, those huge metal boxes that are used to transport cargo abroad can be used to house businesses of all kinds, all over the country. 

Brent McMahon RV, Businessman shares that, due to high construction costs and new innovations in architecture, an increasing number of companies today are turning to non-traditional facilities to house creative businesses. 

1. Restaurant

Container restaurants will give you something you’ve never seen before: a building that can be moved. When starting a new restaurant, you must find a new location and then spend thousands of dollars renovating the space and customizing the kitchen for your specific menu. 

But when you have a portable container restaurant you have many more options. You can use your mobile restaurant for seasonal deals, renovating existing restaurants, trying out new locations, project-based contracts, and much more.

2. Pop-up shop

Another good idea for a container business is to use it as a unique pop-up store. 

Many business owners are now setting up their mobile retail stores this way. It is a cost-effective way to display items in busy metropolitan areas. 

For example, if you have an online store, you can explore storage container business ideas to expand into a physical space. 

Pop-up stores are especially popular for short-term and seasonal businesses.

3. Community development

Governments often look for ways to help their local economies prosper as  Brent McMahon RV  suggested. 

Developing local businesses and communal spaces in your neighborhoods is a great way to grow a community while helping the local economy at the same time. Because shipping containers provide an inexpensive and creative way to quickly establish local business hotspots.


4. Cafeteria

One of the most important aspects of any coffee shop is the atmosphere it offers. 

Another Idea for containers is a repurposed shipping container cafe that provides a coveted creative and eco-friendly atmosphere, two common values ​​of many independent cafes that we know and love so you can not only create a container space but make money.

5. Hotels and Airbnb

If you’re interested in combining aesthetically pleasing design with green living, a shipping container hotel may be the creative business idea you’re looking for. Shipping containers act as the perfect blank slate for an incredibly unique architectural design. Whether you want to start an industrial-themed hotel, an inspiring artsy living space, or a sustainable, solar-powered hostel, using shipping containers as a foundation is a great first step. 

Time of creation of the house

Thanks to its accessibility, its ease of access and its benefits in construction design. A container house can be ready for habitation in less than a month. This makes them very attractive to buyers, since having a house in such a short time allows them to make their purchase decision quickly. This is very useful as it increases profit margins and above all creates a constant flow of capital thanks to its mobility and accessibility.

How many containers do I need?

Given the size of the containers, and depending on the size of the family you acquire, and the availability of investment, a standard house can use from 2 to 6 containers. 

If you would like to learn about investments in container homes, we invite you to follow our website, where you can learn more news and tips to get started in the world of real estate . Sign up for our face-to- face seminars and attend, you will be able to learn from experts how to invest in container homes and develop your project.

According to Brent McMahon RV , you can start in the container business where the limit is your imagination, they are an affordable and unique option to put your products or services in front of the audience. 

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