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Best Things To Do In Singapore

If you go to Singapore – for work or for vacation, the first thing you will notice is how expensive it is to be in Singapore. Singapore is notorious for its high prices and the figures are not wrong. Considering the high population per square foot in this small island country, housing rents can be quite high. Although you can still save on food.

The other major expense is tickets to tourist attractions, and this adds up to a lot. Not only in Singapore but almost everywhere. But there is actually a long list of things to do in Singapore, and they are all spectacular.

This is the ‘real’ Singapore that has been around for decades and not the high-priced tourist attractions of modern times (which aren’t bad either). I think Universal Studios is the only place in Singapore you should spend money on, it is a very happy place.

All the places are well connected by public transport systems. You can take a day card and use it across a single network of buses, MRT, and Sky Bus to reach your desired destination.

Another thing you must know is that Singapore is not full of natural wonders. It is a straight urban city and can be a concrete jungle in most places. However, it also has a lot of parks and bio-diverse areas that the government has developed.

According to me, you should definitely make a plan to visit Singapore. Let us start with the list of the best things to do in Singapore.

Merlion Park

Merlion is a fictional creature. It is a combination of a fish and a lion with a fountain of water coming out of its mouth. Today it is like the ‘face of Singapore’. It marks the origins of Singapore as a fishing village and its original name ‘Singapura’ is derived from Sanskrit meaning lion city (Singha= Lion, Pura = City).

Merlion Marina is located in the Bay Area which is the apple of the eyes of Singapore. It is home to the most famous and spectacular skyline in the East. Needless to say, it’s also very crowded, so it comes at a cost. Don’t forget to take a photo with a drink from that water fountain.

Marina Bay Area

The Marina Bay area is the heart of Singapore with the most luxurious and upmarket buildings. It didn’t just happen by itself. In fact, it is a government-sanctioned project, where land reclamation began in 1969 and was completed in 1992.

Then a long-term project for the development of the Marina Bay Area was presented. The intention was to make it the center of attraction in Singapore. With specific landmarks, the project will place on an international platform.

The area around Marina Bay is open to the public. It is also a major center of public gatherings for concerts, events, celebrations, and family time. On New Year’s Eve, there is a grand fireworks display here, and there is also a huge crowd.

Gardens by the Bay

Garden by the Bay can be called the national symbol of Singapore. He probably gave Singapore the identity of the city of the future with its construction and design. They are recognized by many tree-like structures with wireframes that give them an extra-terrestrial feel known as ‘supertrees’.

However, the entire garden is actually spread over 250 acres of land. If you’re there in the evening, don’t miss out on the light show at the Supertrees after sunset.

Apart from the supertrees, the complex houses several outdoor botanical gardens with varieties of flora and fauna. Sometimes, built-ins fuse with other elements, such as water, to create a luxurious dwelling in the middle of a very urban city. It also has the largest glasshouse in the world.

Many of you would be surprised to know that Gardens by the Bay is one of the best things to do in Singapore. Most of the area is open to the public for free, including supertrees and light shows. However, Supertree and most patrons will need a ticket to go upstairs. You can buy on the spot or online.

Marina Bay Sands

Another iconic building in Singapore is Marina Bay Sands. The building includes a hotel, shopping complex, an exhibition center, a museum, two theatres, a celebrity chef restaurant, and more. At the time of its opening in 2010, it has been touted as the most expensive casino in the world. You can pretty much assume that it is the epitome of luxury.

The most famous feature of the building is its boat-like structure that connects the three towers at the top. It is built on the world’s largest public cantilever platform with an infinity pool. The Skydeck is open to the public. This marina offers a panoramic aerial view of the Bay Area. But you have to pay 23SGD to get in. That doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in luxuries for free.

Explore hotels, malls, and other places of interest here without touching your wallet. Walk around shamelessly unless you are stopped for entering a particular area. It connects the area to the Gardens of the Bay. The view from the connecting bridge is also very spectacular.

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Shopping Mall

Since we have already talked about Singapore not being high on natural beauty, let us explore the other side of it. Singapore is certainly famous for its shopping malls. After all, it is one of the best things to do in Singapore (or maybe window shopping).

Though most shopping malls focus on the luxury and premium segment, you are bound to lay your eyes on the latest collection at the retail window or fast fashion. The biggest mall in Singapore is Vivo City.

In addition to shopping, most shopping malls have extensive food courts, theaters, galleries, saloons, bowling alleys, upscale restaurants, children’s play areas, sky gardens, skating rings, gondola rides, and more.

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