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Best dental hospital in Hyderabad -Eledent dental hospital

Everyone’s wish would be to approach an efficient and professional hospital team of doctors who adhere to their needs. Eledent is a team of patient-centric doctors who treat the patient by going deep through the root cause and acting accordingly.  

Eledent offers a variety of beneficial services to the patients with the help of advanced technology and a team of specialists that strive hard for the welfare of the patients by providing services like   

  • Painless tooth removal  
  • Teeth straightening  
  • Child dentistry  
  • Celebrity smiles  
  • Preventive dental care and others  

Apart from these, Eeldent also provides  

  • Dental implants  
  • Full teeth replacement  
  • Root canal treatment  
  • Zirconium crowns  
  • Dental braces  
  • Laser gum treatment  
  • Teeth whitening  
  • Teeth jewelers  

Little boy sitting on the dental chair with open mouth and a female dentist doing his oral checkup at dentist clinic.

 What causes tooth discolouration?  

Tooth discolouration can be caused by multiple factors like  

Foods and drinks   

Foods and drinks like coffee, tea, wines, and some vegetables and fruits like apples and apples and potatoes can lead to discolouration of the teeth.  


Smoking not affects your overall health but also has an impact on your teeth. Tobacco leaves long-lasting stains on the teeth.     


Many diseases also tend to change the colour of your teeth by affecting the enamel, such as metabolic diseases, calcium deficiency, liver diseases, rickers, eating disorders, celiac disease etc.    


Several medications like anti-depressants, anti-psychotic drugs, and drugs related to blood pressure might lead to tooth discolouration. Chemotherapy, head or neck radiations, and oral rinses having chlorhexidine or cetylpyridinium can also cause discolouration of the teeth.    


 The brightness and thickness of the teeth enamel also depend on the genetic factors. So, if you have an issue from the start, do not worry and consult a doctor as it might be genetic sometimes.    


Accidental falling and hurting the teeth call lead to discoloration of the teeth by damaging the enamel. This can occur to both children and adults, and Eldent is the best dental hospital in Hyderabad for treating such cases.     

Teeth whitening treatment at Eledent    

Teeth whitening comes under cosmetic procedures that involve lightening up the teeth and removing any discolouration accumulated over a long time. This process is painless, and at Eledent hospital, we use small amounts of bleaching agents and Ultraviolet rays to brighten the teeth.   

The latest bleaching technology and low-intensity teeth whitening is used for the prices to refrain from tooth sensitivity after the whitening process. Eledent uses zoom whitening and laser tooth whitening techniques that print the most beautiful smiles on the faces within 15 minutes.   

Teeth whitening trays to take back home  

If the patients cannot reach the hospital, we give them an easy solution. As the teeth whitening process confines a one-time visit to the clinic, we provide teeth whitening trays to take home with the patients that give accurate results like the clinic. You must put the trays designed to fit into your teeth for a few hours every day, and you can observe the difference after each session. Once you get satisfied with daily results, you can minimize the usage of the trays. 

Benefits of teeth whitening  

Healthy mouth  

Oral health is the commonly underrated yet most key component of one’s overall health. Neglected oral health can lead to heart problems, organ failure, cancer etc.  

By whitening the teeth, the stains on the teeth will be erased instantly, leading to string and glowing teeth 

Boost self-confidence    

Self-confidence plays a vital role in a person’s overall development as a smile is the first thing that people notice in any social interaction. By approaching the best teeth whitening clinics, you can increase your confidence multifold like never before, thereby positively impacting the people you meet.  

doctor holding model with dental implant. He is holding the synthetic tooth between forefinger and thumb.

Teeth whitening is safe and affordable.  

 Who does not want to enhance their looks by spending just a few pennies out of their pocket? A basic teeth whitening treatment does not cost much and always fits in the budget, resulting in lifelong benefits.  

Teeth whitening is a fast process.    

Many plastic surgeries might take you days to show the difference. But with a professional dentist, you can see the results right in Front of you in an hour. Also, with home guided maintenance, the results are reliable and long-lasting.  


Teeth whitening has grown popular recently, and many clinics are coming forward to render their services. Eledent has the best team of dentists who cater to the needs of the patients 24/7, making them one of the best teeth whitening clinics in Hyderabad 

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