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Benefits, method, advantages and disadvantages of Bhujangasana

Bhujangasana is also included in the most commonly practiced yoga asanas at present. This particular yoga pose is performed as a part of Surya Namaskar and can also be practiced separately. In English it is called “Cobra Pose” and the posture of the body during its practice also appears to be similar to that of a cobra (a type of snake). The main posture of Bhujangasana is to tilt the spine backward, which strengthens the back muscles and straightens the spine. However, not only for the spine, it strengthens other muscles of the body as well as improves your mental state. Let us know about the health benefits of Bhujangasana and the ways to practice it.

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Benefits of Cobra Pose:

Practicing Bhujangasana can have many health benefits, which mainly include –

1. Bhujangasana to reduce back pain

A recent study found that practicing cobra pose regularly can help reduce back pain.

2. To bring good sleep

Bhujangasana is counted among energizing yogasanas, due to which you remain active throughout the day and are able to sleep well at night. For those who have insomnia problems, Bhujangasana can be a good option.

3. Improve physical condition 

Regular practice of Bhujangasana improves physical posture. Nowadays, due to the deteriorating lifestyle, the body posture is constantly getting worse, in such a situation, Bhujangasana can be beneficial.

4. Cobra pose to improve mental health

Bhujangasana not only strengthens the muscles of the body, but also improves mental health. By doing Bhujangasana regularly, symptoms like depression, anxiety, and stress are reduced, and self-esteem increases.

Steps to do Cobra Pose:

The correct way to do Bhujangasana is as follows –

Step 1 – Lie down on your stomach on the mat and keep a little distance between your legs.

Step 2 – Straighten the leg so that the upper part of the foot touches the ground

Step 3 – Now bend the elbows and place the hands just below your ribs

Step 4 – After this, while taking a deep breath, lift the chest above the ground and try to look up slightly

Step 5 – With the help of your arms, lift both the chest and abdomen

Step 6 – After this slowly start bending the elbows while exhaling and come back to the starting position.

Precautions during Cobra Pose:

While you are doing Bhujangasana, keep in mind that you are applying normal force during the process. There is no need to exert too much force or force while doing any yoga asana. While doing the Cobra pose, keep the neck in the line of the spine, failing to do so may cause neck pain. While doing Bhujangasana, your entire attention should be focused on the yoga posture, so that you can do yoga correctly.

When not to do Cobra pose:

There are some physical conditions in which doing Bhujangasana can worsen health problems, these include –

  • pain in the abdomen, back, arms, shoulders, or neck
  • serious injury to any part of the body
  • having high or low blood pressure
  • heart or respiratory disease

However, if you have any health-related problems or if you are going to practice Bhujangasana for the first time, then it is advised to talk to your doctor about it once.

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