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Become a doctor- How long does it take to become one?

It is not easy to become a doctor. You need to have a passion for becoming a doctor from your secondary school which has to be followed by preparation for 2-4 years before you appear for the entrance exam of a medical college. 

If you don’t get into a reputed college then it becomes a disappointment for you. Also, getting into a medical college is the start of becoming a doctor. 

This can be followed by intense practice with a degree in MD and so on. The glory of a doctor is seen by all but the journey is something that takes your sweat and blood in the literal sense. 

The most important aspect of deciding the time of completion depends upon the passion you have for this profession.

Secondary education

When you want to become a doctor it takes years of a long process of finally stepping into that white coat that every aspirant doctor wants. But to step into that coat you need to have a science background in the first place. 

Physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology must be included in your boards. Only then can you apply for the entrance exam where you need to prove your worth. 

Admission test

It is not very easy to crack the entrance examinations with a month’s study. You have to start studying for the entrance exam of the medical school from your secondary or higher secondary depending on your ability to complete the syllabus. 

When you are a general category student you must be in the 17-25 years category. You have to go through this test to get into a good medical college. A good medical college will help you enjoy your MBBS. 

Reputed colleges have better infrastructure and facilities that help the student to prove their efficiency better. When you are a student of a good medical school it gives you the scope to explore many sectors of your program. 

Like, you can get a chance to attend some medical camps which will help you to enhance your capability. When you will know the month of your examination you should decide how you are going to divide the course of your test. 


This program varies from country to country. But it has to be completed before you step into becoming a doctor. 

MBBS is the first step in your journey as a doctor. When you are aspiring to be a doctor MBBS is like your gate pass. 

When you graduate with an MBBS you can apply to become a doctor. If you pass the consecutive exams then you can become a doctor in the US. If you are preparing for step 2 CK then you need to set a goal before starting.

Also, even if you become a doctor treating people your MBBS program starts with focusing on the theory. When you start it extensively deals with the theory which moves on to the practical classes. 

In the last two years, it is more about how to implement the knowledge. The more you can implement the knowledge in the last two years it will help you to exhale as a doctor. 


Many doctors are there who are not satisfied with just an MBBS so they want to pursue their MD for the specialization of the course. 

When you take up a particular specialization then it will lead you to deal with the subject in elaboration. You not only transform to become a surgeon but you also start experimenting in a particular area of study. 

Not every doctor wants to become a general physician, some others aspire to become a surgeon which gives them the power to specialize in a particular field. These doctors can spend their entire life researching and rediscovering different aspects of their fields. 

Licensing process 

You are eligible to receive your medical license after the completion of your residency program. To pass this examination you need to have a combination of your academic as well as your practical knowledge. 

You must check the examination guidelines in detail before sitting for the examination. Also, do take some practice tests before you take up this test. Medical licensing is a crucial examination in which you must appear with full preparation so that you don’t get rejected. 

Required time to become a doctor

There is no particular time that will make you a doctor. This completely depends on your capabilities and how long you will take to become a prominent doctor. 

You can take 10 years to 15 years which solely depends on how fast you want to reach your goal. Once you get admission to a reputed medical college you can even drop a year to become a good doctor. 

There are certain cases where the students need to drop a year if they are not comfortable with their preparation. The main motive must be becoming an efficient doctor which can take a few years. 

You can even practice for a few years after which you can take the call to start your MD program. 

When you are studying to be a specialized doctor you need another 3-4 years to complete the degree after which you can practice the course till you are an expert in the same. So, in total it takes many years to name yourself as a prominent doctor with quality. 

Time management skill

Are you going to become a doctor? If so then you must learn the ultimate use of time management! The trick to becoming a doctor without wasting years is by managing your time. 

The entire process of becoming a doctor and after that, you just need to adapt to master the skill of time management. When you start with your preparation for MBBS you will see how much you will struggle to manage time. 

But this doesn’t mean you won’t have any personal time. If you don’t have time for yourself then it will ruin your mental peace affecting your studies. 

How to raise your GPA

When you are mentally disturbed it will lead to further mismanagement of studies. 

Enrollment process

It is important to enroll for each examination on time so that you don’t miss out on any examination which will lead to your unnecessary year loss. 

Along with taking preparation on time, you must keep on enrolling yourself for the necessary courses, campaigns, and examinations which are going to make you an efficient doctor in a minimum year. 


There is no particular way to become a doctor except through hard work and determination. When you keep on working towards a direction for a long time then there is no way that you can restrict yourself to get the success that you deserve. 

It depends upon every individual how much quality time they are given to the studies that will determine how long they will need to become a doctor. The time may vary but determination and zeal will eventually take you to your destination.

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