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Apply to the Top Data Science and Machine Learning Colleges in Haryana

data science course in Gurgaon

This program of Data Science is useful for students who wish to develop, practice and then utilize their skills to achieve a thorough knowledge of data science and engineering. Some of these are the ability to aggregate, interpret, and manage a huge amount of heterogeneous data resources, independent of the hardware and software resources. The program offered at data science course in Gurgaon consists of the modules to be learnt as compulsory electives along with core subjects of computer science and engineering. Subjects including Data Acquisition and Production, Machine Learning, Mathematical and statistical Techniques in Computer science, Analysis and Design of algorithm, Soft Computing Techniques Image and Video Analysis, Machine Learning, Advanced Web Analytics, Deep Learning and Web, Massive and Graphic Analysis, Bioinformatics, Health Care and Analytics, etc.

Objectives of this Program

Data science course in Gurgaon qualified graduates will establish themselves as professionals by solving real-life problems using exploratory and analytical skills acquired in the field of Computer Science and Engineering from the top and reputed universities. Graduates will provide sustainable solutions to the ever-changing interdisciplinary global problems through their Research & Innovation capabilities. Graduates will have good job opportunities and become employable, successful entrepreneur as an outcome of Industry-Academia collaboration. The graduates will then embrace professional code of ethics. While providing solution to multidisciplinary social problems in industrial, entrepreneurial, and research environment to demonstrate leadership qualities.

Results of this Program

  • Advanced Technical Knowledge: It is the ability to apply advanced knowledge. Of mathematical, scientific, and computing to carry out independent research. And investigate complex problems of global benchmark.
  • Research and Development: Is going to help them achieve and understand research-based solutions for problems in industry. And academia using contemporary research methods.
  • Pedagogy: Is what enables academic adherence by practice of method and environment for teaching. Which is incorporated within the curriculum enabling life-long learning. And professional development through self-study, professional, continuing education, and doctoral level studies.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurial: Inculcates innovative approaches to develop solutions towards existing real-world problems. To create value and wealth for the betterment of the individual and society at large.
  • Societal Values: Inculcating the human, social, and business matters. While knowledge discovery by providing exposure to global view and diversity in the world. And will utilize their engineering skills.
  • Personal and Professional Ethics: are going to recognize the need of ethical, legal, and societal implications. To engage in self-governing and lifelong learning. By making use of professional principles.
  • Communication Skills: will provide ability to develop communication skills. So that they are able to express ideas clearly. and persuasively, In written and oral forms in a substantial technical manner.
  • Life-long learning: is the Ability to engage in independent. And life-long learning in the broadest context of research. Technological change with the aim to educate the society and peers.

About Machine Learning

  1. Tech course in Machine Learning educates the students about the cutting-edge technologies in the field of machine learning. Machine learning colleges in Delhi NCR aim at strengthening the student’s mathematical and statistical foundations and give a detailed education on machine learning, neural networks, and applied artificial intelligence. Machine learning has become an integral part of every industry now.

Scope and Curriculum of machine learning

Several machine learning-based applications have already been developed and these include systems that can analyze the sales data, for instance, to predict customer behavior that is a big part of financial management for any industry. It is also used in the field of facial or voice recognition. Any area that requires optimization of machine behavior to complete a task using minimum resources and extract knowledge requires machine learning.

Eligibility criteria

For applying to a B. tech machine learning colleges  in Delhi NCR, most colleges require that the candidate must have cleared is Matriculation with minimum 60% marks, Senior Secondary (10+2) with minimum 70% marks with a minimum 60% marks in PCM Computer Science, and either of the entrance exams: JEE Main or SAT India. Some colleges include other entrance exams like UPSEE, MAT, XAT, CAT, and NMAT also in this list.

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