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App Development Process with Mobile App Development Company India

In 2021, mobile apps are estimated to generate $693 billion in revenue via app stores and in-app advertising. Furthermore, workplace mobility is predicted to be worth $510.39 billion by 2022. While many companies hope to cash in on this trend, many do not adequately design an app. All the growth assessed can help your firm grow better in a competitive environment. This has to be backed up by an excellent mobile app development process. The best mobile app development company India– Matebiz, can guide you with the same.

Six key steps make up an excellent app development process flow. Here we will dig a deeper look at each of them in this article. If we acknowledge the development approach, regardless of the size or scope of your project, we will make sure that your enterprise mobile app development venture is a success. Matebiz, the mobile or android app development company India, can guide you through.


You build your plan for turning your idea into a successful app during the first part of the mobile app development process. App development is something you might want to consider including into your overall corporate mobility plan, as per Android app development company India. It is due to the strategy of different apps differ; the mobility procedure has an app-specific issue that must be considered during the development phase.

During this stage, you’ll:

  • Determine who is using the app.
  • Examine the competition.
  • Establish the app’s objectives and aims.
  • Choose a mobile platform for your application.

# Analytical and Planning

Your app idea is starting to take form and mature into a working product at this phase. When the concept is starting to take form and develop into a working product, the first steps in the analysis and planning process are defining use cases and establishing exact functional requirements.

When you’ve determined your app’s requirements, make a product plan. Prioritizing and organizing mobile app requirements into delivery milestones is part of this process. Identify your minimal viable product (MVP) and prioritize it for the initial launch if you’re short on time, resources, or money. Identifying the talents required for your app development project is part of the planning stage. For example, the mobile platforms iOS and Android have different development technology stacks.

Your mobile development team should include both iOS and Android developers if you want to produce a device app that performs on both platforms. Have you come up with a name for your app yet? Portable app names, like domain names, must be unique throughout each app store. Make sure your app’s name isn’t already taken in each app store!

# UI / UX Design

The purpose of app design is to deliver a streamlined, smooth, and effortless user experience. The profit of a mobile app is determined by how well consumers accept and use all of the app’s features. The goal of mobile app UI/UX design is to create excellent user experiences that make your product dynamic, intuitive, and easy to use. While beautiful UI designs will aid in early adoption, your app’s user experience must be intuitive to keep users interested.

# App Development

The making step of the mobile app development procedure is crucial for one’s benefit. Before you begin any development/programming work, you must: Define the technological architecture, choose a technology stack, and set development goals.

# Testing

Testing for quality assurance (QA) is a crucial element of the mobile app development process since it guarantees that the app is stable, functioning, and secure. To ensure extensive QA testing of your app, you must first design test cases that cover all aspects of app testing.

Deployment & Support

To release a native mobile app, you must first submit it to the app shops, the Apple app store for iOS, and google play for Android. You’ll need an Apple App Store and Google Play Store developer account before you can launch your mobile app.

The metadata for an app’s publication in the store must include the following:

  • Description of your app’s title
  • Category/Keywords
  • Activate the icon
  • Screenshots from the App Store

Once an iOS app is submitted to the Apple App Store, it goes through a review procedure that can take anywhere from a few days to several weeks, depending on the app’s quality and how closely it adheres to Apple’s iOS development guidelines.


App development is a process that will continue beyond the initial launch as you gather feedback from users and add new features. Matebiz is a well-known mobile app development firm in India. Matebiz has worked with firms in various industries, including finance, healthcare, construction, retail, consumer products, logistics, industrial engineering, and entertainment. For all of the mobile apps that they develop, they use the same procedure. This enterprise mobile app development technique will also ensure a successful launch of your app.

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