All You Need To Know About Your CIBIL Score And How It Is Calculated

Your CIBIL Score And How It Is Calculated

It is important to monitor and improve your Experian Credit Score to make borrowing affordable.

Everyone at some point a time comes across a financial crisis or some sort of emergency. Do you know what is very common in all kinds of emergencies? It is a need for instant funds to cover up or cope up with a crisis. When you have a smooth flow of funds it becomes very easy to pay attention or address an emergency without any delay. The only way out at the time of an emergency is taking an instant loan from a loan provider to meet the instant needs. A personal loan is one of a kind with flexibility and affordability that offers you the best experience during an emergency.

However, since a personal loan is an unsecured loan you need to meet the credit eligibility. The first and foremost element of credit eligibility is a credit score. When you apply for a loan the first thing that a loan provider will check is your credit score. A good credit score makes you eligible for borrowing and offers various benefits such as low charges and instant approval. Therefore it becomes very important that you have a good credit score when you do a credit score check free online. If you are very new to borrowing, you probably know just the basics of a credit score.

What is a credit score?

A good credit score means that a borrower is eligible to borrow and handle the debt repayment in the right manner. There are various aspects that are taken into consideration while calculating a credit score. For example, past repayment, track record, payment, default, and credit account are taken into consideration after which a score is denoted to an individual.

A good credit score means the individual has handled his finances in the right manner and is capable enough to take debt.

What are the things that are calculated for Credit Score?

  • Payment is one of the most essential aspects that are counted in a credit report. Thereby it becomes very important to make timely payments without any delay or default. A single delay or default will damage your score and it takes time to get back to the real score. A lot of importance is given to the payment track record while calculating the credit score.
  • Credit mix is important because it decides whether the individual has a balanced debt portfolio or not. It is recommended that an individual takes both secured and unsecured loans without concentrating on only one type of loan. It is okay to take one secured loan and one unsecured loan, rather than taking only unsecured loans.
  • Credit accounts add an important part that decides your credit report and eventually your credit score. Old credit accounts like a loan or a credit card play a vital role in determining whether you will get a good credit score or a bad one. It is important to keep the credit accounts open even when you do not use them. The longer the credit age the better will be the credit score.
  • The credit utilization ratio is important which helps a loan provider to understand the amount of credit that has been offered to you and the percentage of credit that has been used already.
  • It is not at all recommended to use up or exhaust the entire credit limit that has been provided to you. Even if you use the credit you should be paying your bills so that you free up the credit limit and be eligible for a good credit score. Learn How to calculate business loan by using business loan calculator.

How to improve credit scores?

  • Make payments timely. It is important that you meet all the payments for a loan or credit card within the due date and not after the due date. This way you get to improve your credit score in a quick manner.
  • Keep your credit accounts with a long credit history open even when you do not use them. It is important that you keep your credit accounts open so that they add to your credit score. The longer the credit age the better will be the credit score.
  • Pay the entire bill amount. Do not keep any overdue or outstanding amounts especially when you pay your credit card bills. Keeping overdue will not only make your loan expensive with added charges, but you also damage your credit score for the long run. It is important that you make your payments without keeping any outstanding.
  • The credit utilization ratio should be a balanced one. Make payments regularly so that you can free up the credit limit and increase your credit score.

Wrapping up

Visit Clix Capital to start your credit score check free online process and stay updated. It is important to monitor and improve your Experian Credit Score to make borrowing affordable.


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