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All about training at an Aviation Academy In India

Many candidates aspire to become a part of flight training and become a pilot, and it would only give them the thrill of becoming one in the end. Flight training requires challenging work for months and sometimes years to learn and focus on every meticulous detail of an aircraft and get along with it. Aviation Academy in India is embedded with discipline, time management, and rigorous focus. Let us look at what flight training consists of   

What does a pilot training course include?  

Commander planes, commercial and military planes, not every aircraft has an overwhelming reach, and that is why many aviation schools and flight training academies are starting in the country. Many children are interested in pilot training, and applications are flooding in. It has become a touch to assess them and secures the pilot designation.   

To get into the academy, you must first get through an enrollment aptitude and entrance tests post which you will be trained with several pilot training sessions. Pilot training sessions do not come with a traditional classroom setting as the student gets guided through a chain of written and medical exams and flight time.   

Once they complete each level, they should proceed with the next level, and when every level gets finished, they can act as a pilot or co-pilot for an aeroplane.  

two pilots

What are the licenses required for flying an aero plane?  

To become a successful pilot, one must possess a variety of licenses. As a part of the process, the students first acquire SPL (Student Pilot License) and proceed with Private Pilot License(PPL) and finally attain Commercial Pilot License (CPL). These licenses can help you become a pilot or copilot and become a captain, and you need to have an Airline Transport Pilot’s License. Many flight training schools and aviation academies offer courses till CPL stage with the flexibility to drop out even after PPL.  

Eligibility criteria to become a pilot  

  • The candidate should be at least 16 years old and have a 10th-grade pass  
  • The candidate should clear all the medical tests conducted  

These two steps can make a candidate eligible for a student pilot license. To select a college of their choice, the candidates should pass a Pilot Aptitude Test and an Oral test.  

The candidate can acquire PPL, if   
  • They are 17 years of age.  
  • Have passed 10+2 and   
  • Have cleared medical fitness test from AFMCE (Airforce Central Medical Establishment) or IAM (Institute of Aviation Medicine)  
The candidate can get the direct Commercial Pilot License if   
  • They are between 18-30 years of age  
  • Have opted for Maths and Physics in their +2 

According to the government’s new laws. CPL should be issued to the candidate only if they have a minimum of 3 years of experience in PPL.  

Apart from these rules, if students get through all these levels from SPL, they should complete 15 hours of flight time on two planes with the instructor. The student also completes 60 hours (about two and a half days) of flying time, of which 20 hours must be a solo flight. The candidate should also learn aviation lessons during this time. Once the candidate gets PPL to get CPL, the candidate needs to undergo 129 hours (about five and a half days) of flying, making it a total count of 250 hours (about one and a half weeks).  

Syllabus of flight training  

The flight training syllabus includes a lot of practical knowledge rather than studying content, analyzing and hearting them. The training mostly depends on a candidate’s instructions from his superiors. However, a bit of classroom training also takes place where the students learn air regulations, aviation meteorology etc.  

Student Pilot Level, the students learn air regulations and aviation meteorology.   

Private Pilot Level, they are taught and assessed aircraft engines, seamanship, air regulations, and meteorology.  

Commercial Pilot Level, candidates learn technical portion, flight planning, and get assessed with the past topics.  

Career scope of Flight and Pilot training  

Choosing aviation as a career choice only adds benefits to a person. The main job of a pilot and co-pilot is to take charge of vehicles carrying goods and people for military and commercial purposes. You can kick start your career early, and at times. A Private Pilot License also makes you eligible to become a copilot for small goods planes.    

First Officer of a modern commercial airplane studying approach charts for destination

With flight and pilot training, you can not only fly the planes. But also become a flight training instructor where your work would be training the students or working with the recruits. It requires 3-4 years of flying experience to train the students. And you can always get back to your training school to instruct the students.   

Besides this, airlines recruit pilots and copilots of any nation, and you can quickly secure a job nationally and internationally. If you have a CPL license, you are eligible to get a job in the military and parliamentary services. Celebrities also need personal pilots for their jets, and this job is in constant demand. Overall, you can expect a starting salary of Rs. 40000 to Rs.100,000 as a pilot in India, and the salary only gets increased with your experience.   


Aviation is tough to start with, but the more you get efficient in the field, the more opportunities get flooded at your doorstep, especially if you choose the best Aviation Academy in India 

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