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All about Post Operative Care – Anvayaa

Postoperative care is the care given to the patient right after the surgery and after the patient’s discharge. Patient’s physical, mental and emotional needs are taken care of during this period. Many healthcare centres offer postoperative care, but Anvayaa tops the list in providing the best postoperative care in Visakhapatnam 

Anvayaa has a dedicated team of specialists to take of care of the patient after the surgery and the discharge. They observe the patient’s health condition from time to time, set up a routine accordingly, and monitor the results every day.   

Nurse is comforting a covid patient at the ICU

Preparation for postoperative care  

Depending upon the surgery, always make a note of the questions to ask the doctor before the surgery itself like   

  • Recovery time  
  • Diet to be followed post-surgery  
  • Any movement restrictions in the future  
  • Side effects of the surgery etc  

Ensure that the accommodation after the surgery is all clean and sanitized. The body would be fragile after the surgery and is prone to welcome infections quickly.  

Types of Postoperative care  

Postoperative care can be done in two diverse ways: postoperative care at the hospital right after the surgery and postoperative care at home.   

Postoperative care at the hospital  


Post the surgery, as per the doctor’s advice, and the patient needs to stay in the hospital for a certain period. At this time, trained medical professionals and nurses will check upon the patient daily with their daily routine and by conducting various tests needed as ordered by the surgeon or the consultant. Also, certain medications are prescribed for the patient for constipation that might occur post-surgery and for sleep deprivation due to pain.  This is the best chance for the family member who stays as an attendant in the hospital. 

Postoperative care at home  


Postoperative care at the hospital covers many vital aspects like 

 diet instructions, 

 checking upon the possible complications and finding solutions, including physical activity in the routine, even if it is a simple one,  

getting in line with the follow-up checkups as suggested by the doctor,  

taking care of the mental health by doing meditation and breathing exercises and  

always staying in clean and hygienic surroundings.   

Postoperative treatment must be challenging for both the patient and the family members as it demands the utmost attention and care from them. Postoperative care also needs some medical awareness to take care of the patient completely. To face such situations efficiently, Anvayaa provides elder home care nursing services. That ensure the best services for patients who underwent surgery.  

Benefits of Postoperative care   

With the help of an experienced and highly skilled healthcare professional. You can retain your normal health in no time. On that note, let us look at the benefits of postoperative care by a professional nurse or caregiver  

  • Getting back to a routine like before  
  • Relief from both physical and mental stress  
  • Faster recovery  
  • Enhanced dietary routine  
  • Awareness of health   
  • Less chance of risks or complications  

A nurse is putting the stethoscope on her ears to examine a patient


 Postoperative care is as essential as surgery, and it needs constant help. Support from family members to go through this phase might not be possible in all cases. To overcome this difficulty, Anvayaa offers the best postoperative care in Coimbatore  


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