Advantages of Using Custom Smell Proof Bags Packaging

Custom Smell Proof Bags

Kids-Resistant! Goodbye, Smelly!

Not only do we have custom smell proof bags in stock at BrandMyDispo, but we also have services that allow you to customize the size, style, and feel of your bags. Customizing your own unscented bags has a certain allure to it. BrandMyDispo ‘s design capabilities can turn your ideas into distinctive bags that stand out on the shelf, whether it’s a pre-roll, stand-up, or exit pouch. Our unique smell free bags attract clients’ attention while enhancing preservation thanks to features like re-closable zippers, tear notches, side gussets, and bottom load for easy filling. Please contact us at (469) 272-6363 to find out why so many people pick us!

With fantastic printed packaging, you can stand out at the dispensary. Not having to apply thousands of labels will also save you time and money. Custom Smell proof bags can be extremely beneficial to your company’s growth. We supply unscented bags in white or black that are ideal for packing foods and cannabis. Bags aren’t all made equal. Our custom printed Mylar bags and pouches are the best barrier packaging on the market. Our bags contain a high percentage of nylon, which makes the packaging more robust. All of our packaging is devoid of TSE, BPA, and sulfates and phthalates.

We supply odor-proof and moisture-control packaging, which is ideal for preserving the freshness and potency of edibles and other cannabis goods. We create cannabis edible packaging that allows you to exhibit your consumable while keeping it fresh, moist, and flavorful. The use of mylar bags is only the beginning. Consider our foil-backed clear front barrier bags if you’re packing edibles or cannabis — they’ll truly show off your product! We also have Kraft paper bags with high barrier qualities available.

Custom printed odor-proof packaging comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Pouch that Stands Up

The large face and back of the Stand up pouch make it ideal for custom printing and/or adding a label. Heavy durable zippers, tear notches, hang holes, pour spouts, and valves are available on stand up bags that can be custom printed.

Bag with a side gusset

The square bottom pouch is an older style of pouch that is still common in the coffee industry and other industries. Because the bottom gusset gives support and allows the bag to stay upright, choosing the perfect design is crucial.

Pouch with 3 Seals

When you don’t want your goods to sit on a shelf, the three-sided seal pouch is a great option. Frozen meals, sweets, and jerky are just a few examples of products that could benefit from this setup.

4 Key Benefits of Using Mylar Bags for Cannabis Packaging:

Blossoms Stay Fresh With Mylar:

Because of its compound formation, Custom printed Mylar bags help pot items and other consumables last longer. It’s so effective as a newness protector that survivalists use it to conserve food for long periods of time. It keeps water and air out, allowing even dry products like spaghetti – or a pot – to last until needed. You may not be preparing your dispensary to withstand the zombie apocalypse, but you will undoubtedly benefit from extending the useful life of your products. The longer they last, the less money you’ll spend on dispensary supplies! Your customers benefit as well because their purchases are kept fresher for longer.

Mylar Is Versatile:

Mylar is a synthetic form of flexible plastic sheeting. Birthday expands (the glistening kind, not the rubbery variety), yogurt covers, espresso pockets, and broiling sacks, among other bundling and company goods, are all made using it. Mylar is frequently used to construct bloom packs in the cannabis bundling industry. Top-quality Mylar sacks are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from pre-roll to 3.5 grams to a full ounce. With so many different packs to choose from, you’ll be able to tailor requests to almost any customer’s preferences.

Mylar Is Capable Of Transportation And Capacity:

You needed multi-functional sacks to run a successful dispensary. They must store your item before purchasing it and preserve it in fresh condition once it has been returned to the client. You’ve already seen what Mylar is capable of. Mylar is strong enough for long-haul stockpiling in even the busiest warehouse, and it can withstand both bulk and individual truck loads. It’s cut safe, unlike plastic, so you can expect it to be in the same condition at the end of an expedition as it was at the start.

Mylar Has A Visible And Feelable Quality:

If you’ve ever bought espresso in your pocket, you know how tough Mylar is. You can throw one of those packets in your cargo truck and not worry about it breaking — a huge expression of faith, given the potential for disaster inherent in espresso beans. Mylar has a similar effect on your marijuana dispensary’s customers. When you give them a Mylar pack, they understand they’re in possession of a valuable commodity. It’s light and airtight, and it’s tough – you can tell when you hold it that you don’t have to treat it like a child.

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