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A step-by-step guide to installation of the Edimax WiFi Router

The Edimax Wifi router is a vital system that is specially designed for small homes and offices. It has come with the CD-ROM, a quick installation guide, Ethernet cable, power adapter, etc. All of the things that matter to installing this system are very simple. Apart from that, it has some additional points that are fixed on this system panel such as LAN Ports, Internet, WAN Port, 1 -4 Reset/WPS, Button, and the USB Port connection. In order to confirm, the safe connection procedure of the Edimax device and its users kindly read all the instructions through its manual. To protect this system, then you will have to connect it in accordance with the following safety and some major effective instructions.

The Edimax networking device is conceived specially for indoor use foremost. Kindly do not set it outdoors in your home. In addition, you will not establish this wireless device in or almost near your hot & moist places, such as a kitchen or another is the bathroom area. The edimax br 6478ac v2 wireless system also does not remove any interconnected cable with strength; carefully unfasten it from the BR-6478 AC V2. Moreover, to Manage the device with proper care and intensively then you should use it perfectly. Spontaneous harm will reject the security of this networking device.

Effective Guide to the installation of the Edimax WiFi Router 

The Edimax WiFi Router effectively gives you a high-signal range including the dual-band signal technology. First and foremost, just unite this wireless system with the power plug using the power adapter or power cable. In the same way, you have to let’s begin the power of this Edimax system by pressing this system power button. The power button is also intended on the front or back panel of this system. Kindly locate the power button on your system and use this button to start the power of this networking system. Let’s begin this system with power and use it. There are the following guides to the installation of the Edimax WiFi Router, it’s all described below.

Just place first after unpacking the Edimax system 

In the first step, you need to begin the electrical power of this networking system. After joining this networking system with the power, you will just wait for a second. When its power will turn on and its LED signal light will also blink with a colorful light then you can use it. This provides you with a stagnant connection of the network after turning on the power of this system. So, let’s use this system’s electrical power and acquire the higher connectivity of the network. 

Connect this Edimax WiFi Router with the internet connection 

After starting this networking system, power and connect this system with the internet connection. Use the Ethernet cable connection to unite this wireless router directly with the modem network connection. When you have to simply attach this system with your modem’s network, then its link signal light also flashes. It shows that the modem will also connect to your system network. So, let’s search for this system connection and acquire the high gain connectivity through your home router.

Connect your modem’s network after starting this system 

Also, connect your home’s system network with several devices. Use the default password and SSID to connect its network between your devices. Use the computer, laptops, mobile phones, another system. So, let’s take the network of this system network and use the high network connectivity. Open your computer settings menu to connect this networking system to your internet-enabled device. Also, move on http //edimax.setup to apply the settings to managing and maintaining the setting. Choose the setting and then select the network settings. After this, you should try to handle or customize the settings of this networking system, then you should try to use it.

Launch a browser and access the Edimax WiFi Router

The Edimax WiFi Router login page must be required to manage and control all of the settings of this system. Move to the web page of this system to access the login page. Access the web admin page of this device by inserting this networking system Ip address. Search this system iP address and let’s search this edimax system website address. After locating this networking system web management page, just move on the settings directly once you have to log in to it. When you have to log in to the device then simply move on the web page. Modify the settings and save them to the end. 

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