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A Productive Rant About Custom Tri Panel Folders

Custom tri-panel folders have many advantages. These folders can be used for various business needs, from presenting new ideas and proposals to welcoming new employees and enticing potential clients. Tri-panel folders feature an extra panel or pocket to hold different paper or more items. A more comprehensive cover is ideal for showing off your brand. A die-cut bag is also an excellent option for keeping unique things.


Despite their name, custom tri-panel folders are more than just folders for your business’s documents. They’re also excellent for showing off your brand because of the extra panel and pocket on the cover. You can have more pockets, too, by choosing a die-cut pocket design. But why are custom tri-panel folders so important? Read on to find out! Here are three reasons why you should choose them.

Quality. The quality of your custom tri-panel folders should be excellent, both in terms of material and printing quality. The most crucial aspect to consider is cardstock. Cardstock is the main factor in the strength of these folders, so choose a high-quality one. Selecting the suitable cardstock depends on your preferences and the kind of printing company you’re working with. Dawn Printing is an excellent choice for custom tri-pocket folders because they offer superior quality printing at affordable prices.

A Productive Rant About Custom Tri Panel Folders

re perfect for small businesses

While Custom Tri-Panel Folders are an affordable way to create a professional appearance for your business, they’re not cheap. Cheap materials will only reflect poorly on your company and may not be up to the standards your business demands. Consider a range of materials before choosing a particular option. Card stock is the most common material for tri-panel folders and is a sturdy option yet still light enough to be read comfortably. Choose either 100 lb or 200 lb card stock for best results. For a more environmentally friendly option, choose Kraft paper. It’s recyclable and biodegradable.

Custom Tri-Panel Folders are a cost-effective promotional tool that maximizes branding potential. They can hold various types of content, from business cards to presentation materials. They’re also available in different sizes, colors, and designs, so you can easily find the perfect folder to suit your business profile. Custom Tri-Panel Folders are also very eye-catching when carried out. A custom tri-panel folder would be a great choice if you’re planning to give away many of your business cards.

They provide flexibility

The versatility of Custom Tri-Panel Folders makes them a popular choice for multiple purposes. These unique and versatile folders can be printed in a wide range of eye-catching designs and themes. They come in different sizes and can be used for files, proposals, and documents. Here are a few benefits of these folders:

  1. They are highly durable.
  2. They look good in your hand.
  3. They’re versatile and easy to handle.

For example, Gary DiMauro Real Estate incorporated a custom round portfolio flap with their logo on the front and a spot gloss UV finish to highlight their logo. They also added a custom USB pocket for added flexibility. For the inside, the pocket folder has two horizontal pockets for storing additional information, and expandable pocket features allow you to transform a flat bag into a capacity pocket. A custom USB pocket features an extra-large slot for flash drives or other valuable items.

In addition, three-panel folders feature full-color printing on both sides. You can even choose between a gloss or matte aqueous coating. Another advantage of these folders is their pocket layout, which allows you to arrange your information the way you want it. You may not want to distribute full folder packs to all attendees for significant events. This would result in marketing waste and additional costs. In such cases, custom Tri-Panel Folders are a perfect choice.

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