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A Guide to Build A Community-driven DAO-enabled NFT Marketplace

By the end of 2022, NFTs anticipate exceeding $80B in revenue. An NFT platform’s development is a billion-dollar industry. Ensure you provide the users with something unique while developing an NFT platform. Encouraging consumers to return to your platform generates buzz. 

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization’s Future (DAO)

The DAO protocol was specifically designed to return decision-making control to the user. It works by carrying out specific predetermined conditions according to a set of protocols and computer codes. The protocols are encoded in smart contracts and incorporate essential details like platform community rights. 

How Were DAOs And NFTs Connected?

You might be curious about how DAOs and NFTs are related. Both allow for asset ownership, but DAOs also bring governance to the assets. Using a technology known as a “distributed decision-making system” offers exceptionally high transparency. By allowing consumers to make choices that will benefit the market, it controls the NFT platform.

Highlighting DAO-enabled NFT Marketplace Features

Event Participation

enables users to participate in unique events and suggests launching new projects.


Instead of permitting power, it allows community members to join in the NFT development services.

Stake To Earn

Users that supply liquidity to the platform can stake NFTs for passive income.

Policy Reviews

Every legitimate error in the NFT market’s rules is accepted as a moderation proposal.

Benefits of a DAO-enabled NFT Market

Ownership Information

provides access to critical information such as partnership details, contract policies, activities, and more, allowing users to analyze policies mentioned in the NFT market.

Voting Rights

DAO makes it possible to vote to moderate the current policies that have been put forth in the NFT market. It supports this unique functionality through the usage of a governance model.

NFT Conflicts

It is a straightforward process that NFT holders go through to compete with their rivals and receive rewards by staking.

Bumper Prizes

Owners of NFTs can unlock their NFTs and stake them to win thrilling bumper prizes as a reward for their labor.

Key Differences – DAO-enabled NFT Marketplace Vs Traditional NFT Marketplace

Traditional NFT Platforms DAO-enabled NFT Platforms
Deciding power is authorized by the platform owner. Collaborative decisions are made by integrating with the community members.
Owner is only capable of making modifications to the platform. Changes can be done by the users by taking votes into consideration
No transparency. Offers complete transparency
Takes time for implementation as it is processed manually. Smart contracts are quick to execute changes

Use-Cases Of DAO-enabled NFT Platform

Use cases of DAO-enabled NFT platforms is similar to the normal NFT platforms. Some of them are.

  • NFT Games
  • Digital Collectibles
  • Real Estate
  • Sports
  • Trading marketplace

Top DAO Protocols You Should Keep Your Eye On

  • Collector DAO
  • Investment DAO
  • Social DAO
  • Media DAO
  • Protocol DAO

How Come DAOs In NFTs?

Due to the members’ autonomy, DAOs in NFTs are a lucrative market that provides impartial judgments. When it comes to finding a solution to the problems the NFT platforms are facing, choices in the traditional NFT market are often made on a piecemeal basis.

DAOs, on the other hand, work directly with users through voting rights. By looking at the votes, every suggestion is taken into account. As a result, judgments are wise and impartial rather than biased.

How Can a DAO-enabled NFT Marketplace Develop?

Are you planning to develop your own DAO-enabled NFT market?

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