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9 Tips to Reach More People on Instagram

As you know, Instagram is one of the most popular social media channels with 200 million monthly users, 60 million images shared daily and 1.6 billion likes. The application, which seemed to be a fun application for young people at first, has now turned into a very important content sharing site for brands and individuals. So, people start using Instagram to reach more people, increase their sales and advertisement purposes.

While the interaction rate in the most popular social networks was less than 0.1%, Instagram managed to topple this rate. Instagram has even surpassed Facebook, which is the most popular for brands, by 58 times.

That being the case, brands also need to do a lot more on Instagram to reach people. Now, let’s give you tips to increase engagement rates and follower count on Instagram.

1. Promote your hashtags with different channels

Let’s say you found a nice hashtag for yourself or your company. So when people use this hashtag, how will they know it belongs to you? Make sure this tag is on your profile page. Even take things a little further and use this tag even on offline channels. Use this label on your invoices, print ads, or even your in-store signage.

2. Use creative tags

The most important thing when it comes to finding tags is that your tag is descriptive. Your sticker can be funny or funny. It’s okay as long as it’s not boring. WeWork, a workspace company, is very successful in this regard. You can see the tags they used in the image on their Instagram page.

3. Include the URL in the About section

Redirecting to the homepage of your site in the About section is no longer a very logical idea. It would be more helpful to change this section once a week and direct it to the most popular content in that week.

4. Be descriptive

Sometimes an image can meet dozens of words, but it is a little difficult to increase the interaction without using any words. National Geographic, the most successful brand in this regard, shares a story or description with an image under each post.

5. Follow people in your industry closely

Identify people in your industry that you can describe as “influencers” and start following them. In fact, enable you to receive alerts when these people share something.

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6. Remove photos you’ve been tagged in from your profile

You can’t delete the photos you’ve been tagged in for now, but you can overcome this by selecting the “Edit Tags” option on the Settings page and saying “Hide on Profile Page” the photos you don’t want.

7. Get your tagged photos approved before they’re published

Make sure to do this so you don’t lose control of Instagram. Sometimes it can be annoying that the photos you’ve been tagged in appear on your profile right away. Therefore, make sure that the photos that you have tagged this job will be approved by you first.

8. Create your own Instagram style

In normal life, people try to fit in, but that’s not the case with Instagram. To be successful you have to be different. The best example of this is Frooti, ​​who created his own style.

9. Tell your followers what to do with your posts

Instagram isn’t exactly a broadcast, it’s a conversation platform. What do you want people to do with your posts? What do you offer your followers if they like your posts? Staples brand users give extra points if they make the images fun. Thus, by increasing the interaction, it also allows users to follow up at all times.

BONUS Tip: Using Social Media Marketing Services

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If you have similar methods or better ones that you use on Instagram, do not forget to share them in the comments section.

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