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9 Pro tips on how to stay healthy on Budget ?

Want to stay healthy on Budget ? Do you cringe when you think about incorporating healthy habits into your daily routine because you will need to spend tons of money on chia seeds, avocados, and protein powders?

You don’t have to spend a fortune on fitness. The opposite is true: you can totally live a healthy lifestyle on a budget and, once you get your mind right, it really is not that hard.

Because they don’t generate any profit, the easiest ways to stay healthy on a budget often go unnoticed. You’ll soon discover that most daily habits are free once you build them. You will never look back once you learn something – that can genuinely change your life.

Do you like? Meditating. Practicing yoga. Taking a walk or going on a hike each day. Eating your eight daily servings of fruit and vegetables. Here are some easy and simple tips from three personal trainers from PureGym – Sally Smith from Telford, Emma Ford from Aylesbury, and James Lee from Finsbury Park – to keep you on track for a healthy lifestyle while on a budget. Keep scrolling.

9 tips for staying healthy on a budget 

1. Preparation, preparation, preparation

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, as the old saying goes. Having a plan in place before making a difficult decision can make a significant difference, as Smith points out.

She recommends planning ahead. “Planning meals will help you avoid buying expensive sandwiches for lunch, plus you will enjoy a healthier option.”

2. Start walking

Walking 10,000 steps a day is a simple way to improve your cardiovascular health, whether it’s an early morning walk or a mid-day stroll around the block.

The best way to save money on a night out with friends is to suggest that you go for a walk instead of eating out or going to the movies. This will save you money. Additionally, you will be more active,” says Smith.

3. Hydrate

Increasing your water intake is an easy, free and effective way to boost your health. A reusable water bottle is a great way to make sure you remember to drink water even when you don’t remember.

“Plus, you won’t pay for bottled drinks that are expensive or have high sugar content or additives, you’ll stay hydrated all while reducing your plastic use,” says Smith.

4. Find bargains when you can

One of the best I’ve seen. If you’d like to cook a lot of healthy meals with the right blend of protein, healthy fats, and carbs but normally can’t afford items like chicken, tofu, and fresh vegetables, Smith advises checking out the reduced section at your local supermarket.

When you’re aware of what can be frozen or cooked in bulk, you’ll be able to really save money and time,” she says.

5. Lace up

Gym anxiety or feeling out of your budget might be real feelings for you now, but just because you’re in the gym does not mean you should be exercising there. 

You can actually perform a wide range of fitness workouts at home for free, ranging from high-intensity sessions, like spin and Zumba, to low-impact exercises, like Pilates and barre.

Running is another way to get fit for free. Smith suggests starting here as there are many free apps that are available that can help you get started and motivate you to continue.

6. Dancing

That’s right, you read it correctly. 

The PT’s favorite way to stay fit is dancing, which is totally free as well.

“Play some music, dance along, or follow along with a YouTube video and go for it,” she shared.

7. Move in an adventurous way

You can count physical activities such as putting away the groceries, walking downstairs to greet the postal worker, or folding the laundry towards your daily activity.

Making more trips during chores, choosing to hang your washing up instead of folding it and being more active will help you do more for less money, says Smith. 

The more you move, the less money you earn.

Do you have any questions? You might find our guide to mindful movement helpful.

8. Check out YouTube

Did you enjoy the above dance tutorial? We did too. There are tons of free yoga classes on YouTube, as well as HIIT workouts (such as Joe Wicks’ YouTube workouts) and weight-training sessions, so it’s a fantastic resource for low-cost fitness.

“You’ll find that working out from home is less intimidating when you have a professional leading you through a prerecorded fitness class,” she explains.

9. Shop at the right supermarket

You may have to spend more on healthy meals, but you may also have to buy less nutrient-dense products. 

Buying at cheaper supermarkets is a good choice, says Ford, who suggests trying them out.

“I prefer getting my groceries from retailers such as Lidl and Aldi because they are more affordable. “I constantly stock up on bargains and save lots of money,” she says.

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