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9 Front-End Development Languages You Should Learn in 2022

Businesses want their websites to be attractive and highly responsive. Therefore, they hire front-end developers. In the UK, a front-end developer can earn up to £57,000 per year. There are many growth opportunities for students in the UK. But, if you want to be successful, you should have command in a certain front-end programming language. However, there are several options for you to choose from. Therefore, we have discussed 9 useful front-end development languages in this post. Depending upon the features, you can choose which programming language is the best for you:

1. Python

Python is one of the least-chosen languages for front-end web development. However, it is a good general-purpose alternative for developers. It has many amazing plugins and features you can use to create interactive UIs. It also allows you to use multiple packages and features. Python is also one of the easiest programming languages to learn. Unfortunately, it’s not more feature-packed than its counterparts in terms of usability. But, thanks to its simplicity, you can use it for front-end programming.

2. CSS

CSS is a lot more than just a style sheet. It’s a tool to make web designs simpler and more interactive. With CSS, You can work with various styles and elements to create front-end designs of your choice. In addition, it converts documents into easily useable forms for the users. Also, its language is used for text justifications and different types of front-end adjustments. Moreover, you can add visual effects in paragraphs and different UI elements. Finally, CSS codes are easy to maintain, and once you write a sheet, you can use it across numerous HTML pages.

3. Swift

If you want to do front-end developing on a device running Mac OS, you should use Swift. There are many other platforms you can work on. However, Swift is a great tool for developing websites and applications based on Apple’s ecosystem. The best thing about Swift is that webpages built on this platform are perfectly optimised for Safari, Apple’s native browser. Moreover, apps and webpages made on Swift’s syntax are a lot safer.

4. Angular.JS

Angular JS is a framework based on Typescript, a superset of JavaScript. It was designed by Google to make web applications and pages. You can work with many libraries to create a nice front-end design. Moreover, thanks to the modularity of this platform, you don’t even have to code that much. It’s easily installable and offers great flexibility to developers. Data binding is another useful feature of Angular, which integrates dynamic HRML without complex programming.


HTML is a web development language that has been around for decades. Every web-development framework uses HTML in some form. HTML5 is the current version of this platform used around the world. It helps you make fast, responsive, and feature-packed websites. The best thing about HTML is it’s free and super easy to learn. Moreover, almost all browsers work perfectly with HTML websites.

6. Ruby

Ruby is also another interesting web development platform you can work with. In terms of functionality and simplicity, it’s quite similar to Python. Ruby’s flagship framework, Ruby on Rails, is used mainly for web development purposes. You can manage various databases simultaneously and create dynamic web designs using Ruby.

7. React

Another front-end web development framework based on JavaScript is React, and it is quite popular among developers. It’s a JavaScript library that offers developers the freedom to create innovative web designs with features that improve the overall interactivity of the website. Unlike its counterpart, i.e. Angular, you have to code a little too much in React. However, it gives you a lot more versatility. Plus, it’s a lot easier to install and learn.


If you are looking for potential alternatives to CSS, you should give SASS a try. It is a scripting language containing many reusable features and frameworks. However, learning it is a little difficult, as it’s a new language. Also, troubleshooting in SASS is a bit difficult compared to CSS.

9. JavaScript

It’s the best front-end web development platform. Almost every website you see these days use JavaScript to some extent. It’s almost impossible to create a responsive and modern-looking UI without JavaScript. It’s fast, simple to use, and offers more functionality than any other front-end development platform. Apart from browser support-related issues and lack of debugging, choosing JavaScript is an absolute no-brainer.

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