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7 Tips to Make Your Stick On Nails Last Longer

One of the most common complaints people have about stick-on nails is that they don’t last very long. Luckily, if you know what to do, you can keep your press-on nails looking perfect for days instead of hours! Here are 7 tips to make your stick-on nails last longer

1) Start with clean, dry nails

1. Put some glue on your nail and then wait until it is set before applying the nail.
2. Start from the middle of your nails and work your way up and down the side in both directions. Apply the stick-on nails to your nails with glue, one at a time.
3. Squeeze out any extra glue with a piece of paper towel. Wait for about five minutes until it dries, then peel off the adhesive cover from one corner of the nail strips that are left on top of your nails (putting pressure as you pull) and carefully remove them by pulling at an angle across your fingers, so they do not rip or tear. Don’t forget to use a nice hand lotion after!

2) Choose the correct size

1. Shape the nails with a nail file and make sure they are all uniform in shape.
2. Glue the nails on using an appropriate amount of glue, paying close attention to any bumps or ridges which may interfere with the placement of nails.
3. Allow glue sufficient time to dry thoroughly before applying polish or other cosmetics, affecting how long your nails last before coming off.

3) Know how they should fit

The glue-on nails should fit just like your natural nails. They should be a quarter inch longer than your nail bed. This will allow the adhesive to adhere without excess glue, which can cause an allergic reaction. The nails must also be properly prepared, meaning they must be filed down and cut straight across the tips. In addition, you should never wear the same glue-on nail for more than seven days in a row because this can damage your natural nail if not removed carefully.
When applying the adhesive to your natural nail, you mustn’t use too much, or it will look like you have extremely long fingers.

4) Apply directly onto your nails

Adding a nail hardener is one way to make your stick-on nails last longer. A nail hardener helps protect against chipping and peeling. Next, invest in a good top coat, such as a gel or shellac. Lastly, take care of your nails by investing in hand lotion and cuticle oil.

5) Wear them correctly

When you wear press-on nails, you must take care of them with good hygiene. This means always using a nail file and mild soap to clean the surface of your nails. Never use an acetone remover, as it can quickly break down the glue used in press-on nails. In addition, be sure not to pick at or peel off your nails if they start feeling loose because this could cause irreparable damage, and you might lose the nail altogether. Finally, remove your nails carefully when soaking in water or cleaning up after dishes because the press-on glue may not hold up well under these circumstances and could cause harm if left on too long.

6) Remove with nail remover

Press firmly and evenly onto your nails with the back of the glue sheet facing you. Apply enough pressure so the liquid dries onto your nails and makes a bond. The easiest way to do this is by using the palm of your hand, which should be flat against your nail bed, for 10-15 seconds. This will allow a stronghold but also doesn’t overdry the adhesive.

7) File down any rough edges

When you remove your press-on nails, use an emery board or nail file to file off any rough edges. This will ensure that the tips of your nails don’t snag or catch on anything and are as smooth as possible. Once they’re filed down, simply apply a thin layer of remover around the outside of each nail and wait until it’s all soaked in. Peel them off gently in one swift motion while applying pressure from your thumb on top of the gel polish to help pull them off faster.

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