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7 things to know about MARKETING before you start studying it

Marketing was your first choice, either because it sounds appealing or because it is different from other careers.

Studying Marketing can be very dangerous because it is one of the most restricted careers.

If you want to succeed in marketing, here are 7 things to remember.

1.- Filling subjects

There will be subjects you don’t need to study, just like in any university career. Economic history will be taught so you can create amazing storytelling by knowing a few dates and names.

This is because the educational system remains the same. Imagine that marketing has changed very quickly over the past 8 years and that universities cannot keep up with this rapid pace.

2.- Attend seminars, workshops, or give talks regularly

Even though a university degree is important, it will also impact your resume. Marketing year after year changes, so you can’t just listen to the lectures at your university. Marketing is constantly changing. This means you need to be actively involved in marketing. You should attend seminars on current topics and workshops that teach new programs for analyzing clients via social networks. It will help you to understand that What Do You Do in a Marketing Job?

3.-Don’t be afraid to take risks and fail

If you’re going to study marketing, and you don’t feel like taking a risk, you are probably on the wrong path. This career is going to be a disaster. This is about taking risks and trusting your instincts until you master them. Failure at work can lead to dismissal.

4.- A life contract will not be offered by a company to you

Marketer jobs are subject to rotations. Very few people can stay with a company for more than 10 years, 15 years, or 20 years. On average, the maximum number of years is three years.
This will take some getting used to. Also, you’ll need to keep up with the changes. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck in 3-month positions.

5.- Technology and social networking must be a passion

It’s not surprising that technology is not something we are comfortable with.
It is impossible to be invisible. You must show your face and make the company or organization you created or advised known. If you do not like the role of being visible and being able to run a Twitter, blog, Facebook fan page, or Instagram, it is time to eliminate marketing from your options.

It doesn’t mean you need to be an expert. The market is moving at the same speed as you, so you don’t have to. Study marketing is essential in these years. You will need to take additional courses that are market-ready if you want to do this.

6.- Stop with shame and stop with shyness

This is where you can play the role of the aunt or uncle who digs into his brain, eats his nails, and dies to support his idea. It is possible to sell ideas and products. You can even sell a country.

We won’t pretend to be able to sell something if we don’t look into our EYES and express with our bodies what is important about our product. You can’t let go of that shell if you don’t want to. The university will help you learn and will make sure you dare to speak up in the debates and exhibitions that will ALWAYS take place.

7.- You will be a 24-hour radar

Marketing will require you to build antennas to keep track of all that is happening in the market. You will gradually become a radar and be able to spot the pros and cons of every product, whether it is products you see on billboards or services being offered. You will be able to identify a new contact even if it does not look like a business. Everything you learn in marketing will also apply to your personal and professional life.

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