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Get exhausted from the hustle and bustle of the city then approve your weekend and go somewhere where you get a chance to meet with yourself. 

In INDIA, there are various places in INDIA that are comparatively way better than the “seven wonders of the world”. After the first visit to these places, it becomes quite impossible to utter a single word to define their beauty embracing all around. One of the names is – UTTARAKHAND and you must visit once in a life.

This place is situated in the northern region where you could experience cold weather only. Stepping down the first step could revive your dead soul and give new life to you. Today we are going to share with you some places of Uttarakhand where you could forget the real you and get lost in the ocean of beauty. 

 Here are some places which are enough to drop your heart in UTTARAKHAND 


CHAUKORI is mostly famous for trekking, for the orchid, apple, oak, and alpine forests all around. Someone can experience the fragrances of these trees from distant places, you could find some attraction places like – panchachulu, Nanda Devi, Dharmapur and many more.  CHAUKORI is 180 kilometers away from Kathgodam and you can find the nearest airport as well. 


If you are willing to spend a memorable time with your spouse then BHIMTAL could be the best place to hit. BHIMTAL is an isolated place and situated in a place where you could not find the hustle and bustle of the city. This place is sandwiched between two,  Kathgodam and Nainital which is another best place for sightseeing.

Lake is crystal, clear, and has received the name of BHIMA from the ancient epic Mahabharata. When it comes to “best lake or tal in India” then this is one of the names of Tal which would be on the list. 


KHATI VILLAGE is another tourist spot and there is no hustle like other villages because it is well known for the visitors. All around there would be trees of oak, alpine, and apple, the serene environment and calmness in the breeze would be the perfect place where you should visit.

This place is situated near to the river of Pindari and close to the Pindari glacier, someone could take the advantage of scenic views.


This place is commonly known as – “mini SWITZERLAND of UTTARAKHAND” and it’s quite exhilarating to see the glamour of nature. CHOPTA is an amalgamation of two things like spiritual and natural scenic views which you would find rare. In this place, you can travel to the divine temples like Kedarnath, TUNGNATH, and many more.

Similarly, take a glimpse of heaven places like Chandrashila hill, and many more like this. Visitors could book the best hostels in CHOPTA and from that single place you can beat the charm. 


If you want to spend some quality time with yourself then KANATAL would be the best place to walk on. You can do multiple activities like trekking, hiking, camping, water rafting, and many more like this. To reach there you need to cover a distance of at least 77 kilometers from Dehradun. 


As per the Hindu mythology, it is said that – VYASDEV has written the whole Mahabharata here. Due to this reason, this place also comes under the sacred place which mostly people visits. Wherever your eyeballs move you will find the majestic view of Himalayan ranges including the lush green meadows or forests and exotic species of birds.

MANA village is another tourist spot because this place does not look like a normal village where you could see the locals and hustle or bustle of people. The most underrated cave you will find here is around 5000 years old and the holy Saraswati river. 


If you are willing to capture the tribal communities in your camera then you must visit this place. DHARCHULA is the only place where you will meet with the old tribal communities of KUMAONI and SHAUNA and it is a treat for the eyes.

Most of the people are still unheard about this place and situated in the route of Kailash and holy Manas Sarovar. Beauty which is gifted by the GOD of the whole universe is remarkable and no one can deny this truth. 

Wrapping up – 

UTTARAKHAND is an amazing place which you can visit for a honeymoon or just for adventurous activity. From all over the world, the majority of people come to visit the picturesque and impeccable beauty. In the winter you may face snowfall and rain but summertime would be perfect. So steal some time for this interesting place. 

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