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6 Pointers For Your First Virtual Gaming Experience

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Is it the time that you went out and bought a VR device? And now you’re ready to explore the field of virtual reality? If yes, then it’s fantastic! It seems it will be your first time experimenting with virtual gaming. You must be eager to dive into virtual reality, but before you do, here are some simple tips that will give you an amazing experience:

  1. Bring a friend to play along with you

The virtual gaming experience doubles when you bring your companion to play along. It is said that virtual gaming happiness is directly proportional to the number of friends you bring along. The more the friends, the more exciting the gaming experience would be. Plus, your mate will keep an eye on you in case you dive deeper into virtual games. Chatting with friends while playing is uber cool and enhances the virtual gaming night.

Moreover, who knows, your friend may be quite helpful in setting up the device, putting on headphones, and handing out controllers, in addition to functioning as your trusted link to the outside world. You’ll eventually be skilled enough not to require a controller, but it’s a good idea to have someone present to assist you the first time.

  1. Grab a seat and relax

Bringing the virtual game to your home can be tempting. You will be reluctant to try the game when you get it to your home. But first, grab a seat. Yep, sit and relax. To experience the real fun, you must be calm and freshen your mood. One can be easily intrigued by VR technology.

Why do we play a game? To relax? To have a good time with friends? Even though the virtual experience is fixed, given the right conditions, virtual reality can interfere with the brain’s capacity to identify whether or not your body is moving. On one level, you may be persuading yourself that you are not floating through space and that you are simply sitting on the sofa. However, other areas of your brain cannot detect the difference and will sometimes override your inner conscience. Then, all of a sudden, you’re on the floor in real life, with a smashed VR headset dangling from your face. No one wants that, right?

  1. Leave at least three feet of area in all directions around you

A spacious room can work wonders for your first time virtual gaming experience. If you intend on standing, multiply that to six feet to account for the risk of falling. Some will recommend getting a three-foot sofa, but they can be a little expensive. All you have to do is make sure there’s sufficient space to walk, turn and jump or move your body for proper actions while playing a virtual game, both for you and your friends. How will you feel if you lose a score or defeat your friends for not moving your body effectively? You don’t want to blame the lack of space for that!

  1. Keep medicines handy

It is common to have motion sickness and headaches while initially experimenting with virtual reality. Even if you are excited to play a virtual game for the first time, it can become the worst nightmare within seconds. After a few sessions, many people will get sick, or their heads will become heavy due to strain. The chances of getting ill increase with those symptoms.

It is highly recommended to go for a 5-10 minutes walk or breathe the fresh air to pace yourself. Try it out. If you start feeling nauseated or have a headache, take a break and relax for a while. Some individuals may never get adjusted to virtual reality, which is acceptable. You may be fit for other big virtual games or games of different genres.

  1. Locate a Bluetooth controller

If you have purchased a car driving simulator, then getting a Bluetooth controller is a must. Bluetooth controllers are especially important if you intend to play virtual reality action and arcade games. Without a Bluetooth controller, you cannot control your favourite character the way you want. Wired controllers are outdated and do not allow free arms or any other body part. Finding a solid control system is one of virtual reality’s main issues. Getting a VR device can be a great option if you try a VR game for the first time.

Even if you’re used to playing traditional action and first-person video games, or mobile-first person and third-person games, VR headsets, golf simulators, and racing simulators may be distracting and nauseating, especially the first few times you use them. Fortunately, following the steps mentioned above can assist you in having a thrilling first-time virtual gaming experience. Ensure to follow them and create your best first-time gaming experience with friends and family.

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