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Health and Fitness

5 Things You Should Know Before Getting Braces

The color of your braces can have a big impact on how you feel about them, and they can also play an important role in your orthodontic treatment. In order to choose the best color option for you, start by familiarizing yourself with the different braces colors available, what they mean, and which factors should be taken into consideration before making your final decision.

1) Color wheel

Although there are several different color wheel and color selection systems, they all work in a similar fashion. The main components of a color wheel are primary colors (red, blue and yellow), secondary colors (green, orange and purple) and tertiary colors (browns, magentas and various shades of blue). Because every color sits in between two others, it’s easy to see how an emerald green or turquoise might work well with baby pink. Understanding these concepts is crucial when looking for an orthodontist near me because knowing how to find a good match can help you avoid braces that don’t look good or that wear out quickly. When it comes to picking a color for your braces, knowledge is power!

2) The different kinds of braces

Do you really need braces? Orthodontists tend to use terms like minor, moderate, and severe to describe their patients’ orthodontic needs. While these categories can be helpful for discussing your options with your dentist or orthodontist, it might be more helpful for you to think about your specific needs in terms of mild, moderate, and severe. If you suffer from dental crowding but have no other major issues (or only mild-to-moderate spacing issues), a minor case could be all that is needed to straighten out your teeth.

On the other hand, if you have a bad bite—the lower jaw sticking out beyond upper jaw—then you’re probably going to want braces that pull back on both sides: A moderate case. Severe cases are going to require extensive work—and may even necessitate headgear or another cosmetic appliance. Talk through each category with your orthodontist near me so you know what to expect before treatment begins.

One size doesn’t fit all: A lot of people go into an orthodontics appointment thinking they’ll come home wearing braces on their upper teeth and nothing else. But while one bracket type (say, traditional) works well for some people, another bracket type (say, lingual) might work better for others.

3) Orthodontist near me

If you’re considering getting braces, but are worried about cost, or where to go for orthodontic care, then you’ve come to the right place. Here at Simply Ortho in Florida we pride ourselves on providing orthodontic treatment to our patients at affordable prices. Our team of highly trained dental professionals will help you achieve a beautiful smile in no time. So if you’re wondering how to pick an orthodontist near me, consider visiting us today! Let our friendly staff help answer any questions or concerns that may arise while learning more about our office and treatment process. We look forward to seeing you soon!

4) What color scheme should I pick?

If you’re getting braces, or you know someone who is, it’s a good idea to plan out a color scheme that doesn’t clash with your new look. Your orthodontist will help you pick out your brackets and wires, but your tooth color plays an important role in dictating which color of braces works best for you. Consult with them about paint-on tooth whiteners if you’re worried about looking too flashy once your braces are on; they can be used to make subtle changes without making too big of a statement.

For example, going from a lighter shade like porcelain white to either black or another dark shade produces contrast between teeth and metal—the goal being not to have one dominate over the other so you don’t have noticeable metallic spots. Other shades—medium shades like light grey, medium brown and light pink—look great against traditional wire colors like silver and gold because both produce high contrast against each other when viewed at an angle. Flashing neon hues are fun in general but can end up distracting from what’s more important: your smile! It’s all about striking a balance between standout style while taking care not to stick out in a negative way!

5) Mixing it up!

We’ve all heard it before: Match your braces color to your outfit. It’s a great piece of advice, but there’s more to know when it comes to picking colors for braces. Your orthodontist can help you pick out colors that look good on you and with certain outfits (like your favorite hoodie!). And remember, matching your brace colors doesn’t mean everything has to be black or white! There are plenty of vibrant and fun colors that might look great with braces. If you need help picking colors for your new smile, call around to some of our friendly local orthodontists. They can recommend different styles and give advice about mixing and matching so you get a smile that looks awesome!

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