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5 Things To Consider Before Ordering Bulk Red Chilli Powder

Bulk buying is always beneficial, especially for storable food items like spices. Certain spices are daily used in our cooking; hence buying them in bulk can save us a lot of time, money, and energy. And there are so many red chilli powder exporters online that you don’t have to visit a physical market.

You can easily order bulk chilli powder from the comfort of your home within just a click. But before you contact any random red chilli powder exporter, make sure you have gone through this blog. We have described what you should remember before ordering bulk chilli powder.

Type of chilly powder

You can’t imagine the sheer variety of chillies in the market. In India only, more than 15 types of chillies are cultivated, each with a unique taste, hotness, and colour. So, before you approach an Indian spices exporter to order bulk red chilli powder, you should know what specific type you want to order.

This may require a little research. A google search would help you get familiar with the types of chillies in India. To choose a suitable chilly powder for your taste, you want to consider its hotness, brightness, and pungency.

Delivery time

This is another essential factor you should consider before buying bulk red chillies. You want to receive your order in as little time as possible. So, make sure you choose the wholesale spices supplier that offers relatively faster services.

You will have to contact different suppliers and enquire about their delivery services. A shorter delivery time is also crucial because you want the food item to reach you safely before getting spoiled inside scorching packaging and under bad weather conditions. Hence, ensure your provider ships your bulk red chilli powder as quickly as possible.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews are a vital consideration for buying anything. But they are even more critical when it comes to food items. For example, when purchasing online, you can’t check the quality of spices. So, customers who have previously bought the products from the same supplier are the only reference for you to determine the quality of the provisioner you are dealing with.

You surely don’t want to bring a bulk red chilli powder at wholesale prices just to find out that your spice has low quality. And now you have to send this batch back to that supplier, which is another hassle. Hence, check customers’ reviews first before dealing with the spice supplier.

Order quantity

You also want to know the quantity of bulk red chilli powder you want beforehand. Generally, wholesale spice suppliers have a specific bar for minimum order quantity. And your order must have up to that quantity to meet the supplier’s set bar.

However, sometimes you can negotiate with the supplier to lower the minimum criteria. But that might increase the red chilli powder’s price per unit. Similarly, there could also be a maximum order quantity order limit, and your supplier might not be able to provide you with more than that. In this case, you might have to look for another supplier.


Cost is essential to keep when buying anything in bulk, as this is one of the top reasons for bulk purchasing. Ultimately your budget would help you determine whether you would be able to purchase from that supplier or not.

Make sure the cost per unit or cost per specific weight fits your budget. You should be able to buy the quantity of bulk red chilli powder at a wholesale rate within your budget. You compare various suppliers’ costs to ensure you are paying the right and reasonably lowest prices without compromising the quality.

Wrapping Up

Bulk buying can be cost-effective, but if you don’t consider some points we have given here in the list, chances are you might make a mistake. Hence, check the article mentioned and choose the right supplier to buy bulk red chilli powder from online.

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