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 In this article, you will be finding details about the 5 places to visit in Kasol and around it.  Here you can find details about Malana, Tosh, Pulga, Manikaran and Tirthan Valley.

Kasol is a small village located in parvati valley is known for its breath_taking beauty, green Mountains, unique houses made of wood and it’s completely safe for everyone regardless of gender.  


 Malana is a peaceful village situated in Parvati valley.  This village is holding some untold stories and secrets.  If you are a person in your 20’s it’s your perfect destination for next weekend.  It is famous for its “malana cream” which is made from cannabis plants which is quite expensive and also banned in India.  Also remember you can only visit malana you are not allowed to stay overnight.


Tosh is a small village in Parvati valley and it is located at a distance of about 21 kilometers from Kasol.  Is not that expensive, the guest houses and the hotel are .  is actually a great place for budget travellers.  And in Parvati valley it is the last motorable point.  If you are on a trip to tosh, never miss a chance to visit colourful cafes such as cafe rock and roll, woodrose cafe, cafe freedom, buddha palace, pink floyd and many other cafes.  And also don’t miss a chance to try an israeli food in tosh.  Tosh mandir, A wooden temple is one of the best places to visit in tosh.  Though tourists are not allowed inside the temple, it’s a rare place in nature.  You can take pictures of the temple.  And also there is a small waterfall in tosh which is a great spot to enjoy with your friends.


Pulga is a tiny and peaceful village which can be reached within 2 hours from kasol.  If you are an adventure lover, make your way to pulga! And it’s very famous for hiking and trekking.  You can just take a walk into the forest filled with green grass and gigantic pine trees and enjoy nature.  And there are few waterfalls in pulga where you can enjoy with your friends.  Never miss a chance to visit  narayana which is situated at the centre of pulga village.  You can get Nutella milk from any cafe of the village which is quite special here!


  Manikaran is actually famous for its hot springs. Also has lots of temples to visit such as Lord Ramachandra temple, Lord shiva temple, Naina bhagawati temple.  And it’s a perfect spot for elderly persons.  And there are lots of adventurous places to explore with your friends and have fun such as trekking in Harinder mountain.  You can buy certain woollen made shawls carpets which are most common here.


 Tirthan Valley well known as valley of god is located at the kullu district of Himachal Pradesh.  Because of the great effort of the locals, tirthan valley is also very clean and not as polluted or crowded.  And yeah! Adventure lovers it’s a perfect place for you, here you climb the ticks and cross the river with safety measures and have a great time.  And you can do fishing in the crystal clear tirthan river.  Don’t forget to visit Serloser lake which is the most attractive spot to visit!  And choice waterfalls, jibhi, great himalayan national park are few famous spots you can go and enjoy with your kids and kins.


Other than the above mentioned place there are lots of awesome and beautiful places to visit in and around Kasol.  Never underestimate the healing power of nature.  It can do miracles.  If you get a chance Do visit these amazing places and have fun.  

Happy Journey!


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