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5 Mistakes To Avoid While Setting Up A Coworking Space

In the modern era, with reopening businesses, what we are noticing is coworking spaces. Coworking space is like a new started trend. It already is en route to popularity. A coworking space is like a win-win collaboration for everyone. From employees who are coming together to the organization from which they belong. How can we forget the middle people, in fact, the most important and base of coworking space? Owners of these spaces. 

 Success comes from perfection only. So is the case with coworking space too. You need to get your basics clear and be aware of the mistakes you have to avoid. 

If you are new to coworking space or thinking of setting up one soon, keep on reading. You might get tips about what to do from what not to do. 

Mistakes You Need To Avoid 

If you want to set up your coworking space and that too successfully, you might need some help. You should know what not to do before getting into essentials. That way, you can limit your focus to only important things while keeping red flags out of your way. To name it, we have a not-to-do list. Also, checkout our best available coworking space in Nagpur.

  1. No Rigid Structure 

The first thing that you would like to avoid is being a coworking space with a rigid structure. Who would like to sit in an equally boring space as their office? The whole idea of the coworking space will go down the drain if your coworking space doesn’t stand out. To make your coworking space shine, you should collaborate with other social hubs and cafes. Your space should be open to partnerships and collaboration. And as proven collaboration and partnerships get you the hype and customers both. So throw that rigid structure of yours off the table and look for worthy collaborators. 

  1. Not A Cramped Community 

Another red flag that you should throw out as soon as possible is the cramped community area. Nobody likes a crowded and suffocating place. That can be for any reason, for instance, overladen decor or inappropriate setting. To avoid that, you should design your interior with a theme and aesthetic that can use up the space you have. Choose the right setting and lighting. 

Another thing which is exaggerated from this point only is the meeting room. For a professional setting, there has to be a separate meeting room. 

  1. Cubicle Outside Cubicle  

Talking about the sitting area, one thing you should straightforward prohibit in your coworking space is cubicle sittings. The conventional setting that every working sphere owns is cubicles for their employees. They have their own pros and cons. But since employees are moving out from their office for a fresher environment. Cubicles would be the last thing they want to see. 

Round desktops, single and multiple sittings would be appreciated. Employees can choose the workstation according to their personal preference. Giving out options is also an acknowledged act. 

  1. Different Shades of Shady 

As we talked about overladen decor, one thing that’s come after that is a shady environment. Employees have to deal with lots of stress and deadlines. That is enough of a shadiness for them. What your coworking space should offer is a calming environment. Indoor plants are one such aesthetic that is used to freshen up the falling spirits of employees. Quirky interior designs are also in trend nowadays. What can be better than a splash of rainbow colours? Instead of having different shades of shady, your coworking spaces should have different shades of solace. 

  1. Out Of Reach 

The last thing any owner can want for their workspace is being out of reach. The location of your coworking space should be in the heart of the town. If not, at least near general transportation points like the metro. You can also look out for spots near MNCs or corporations. Long distances and outskirts should be on your not-to-do list. 

Talking about reach, half of the world can be found on the Internet. But what if your coworking space is off the circuit. You should set up your workspace where there is a strong network connection. If not, arrange the frequency to make things work. 

To-Do List 

So enough with what not to Dos. Now we have some tips to make your coworking space setting stand out in the flooding crowd. So let’s look at our to-do list. 

  1. Avoid labels or generalising because that might be offensive for some people. People don’t like to be put under labels or the basic generalising. 
  1. Tea stations or refreshment counters are a must in a coworking space. The first thing that most people bond over is tea and, secondly, food. So let your space be the beginning of new beginnings. 
  1.  Socialising is what everyone is relearning after lockdown. Coworking spaces are the best hotspot areas where people can socialise. So make sure there is enough room for everyone, so the workers don’t get annoyed by newly formed friends. 
  1. As we all know, the whole world lives on the Internet, and to be specific, on Instagram. What you can do to make your coworking space stand out from the crowd is insert corners and wall arts inside or near your coworking space. 

Closing Points 

Both these lists can come to your aid if you are new in the business. The coworking space is on the wishlist of new entrepreneurs. So why not go with the flow and get the best of your efforts. With the rising fame for coworking spaces, set up yours too. With the publicity and being trendy, you can make a profit in no time. 

We gave you both red flags and green flags both. Now it’s up to you to make the best out of them. You can add up your points of consideration to any of the lists according to your preference. Also, if you are looking out for some coworking space in Chandigarh, we are here to help.

 You can add your personal statement touch to shine out from the rest. Now is the best time than any other to start setting up your coworking space while the world is reopening. 

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